Life with Mikey (9-20-10)

By Mikey 

I had an idea for the movie about lemonade: the villain should be either orange juice or limeade. I think pink lemonade could be his sidekick or girlfriend. This thing basically writes itself.

The TV series Cops has never been better.

Flossing is such a pain.

Why does a flower give Mario fire breath? It seems like a plot hole to me.

Even if x-ray glasses did work, who would want them? I don't want to see guts and stuff.

Runts are my least favorite candy, but I'll still get some from a candy machine if I have a spare quarter.

I don't like the sexual suggestiveness of The Golden Girls.

Smoking cigarettes doesn't make you cool, it makes you broke. Cigarettes are so expensive! You could buy Stripes on DVD for the price of one pack.

When was the last time somebody was hanged for treason?

I'm glad the summer is over because now I can enjoy a nice, hot soup.

There sure are a lot of prostitutes on the TV program Deadwood.

Soldiers aren't treated great, but at least they don't get spit on anymore. It's the little steps that make a difference.

I still can't believe that people eat seaweed.


  1. You should be hanged for treason for pointing out plot holes in Super Mario Bros., the official video game of the United States.

  2. You know what's more of a pain than flossing, Mikey? Gingivitis.


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