One Year In Texas Talk 9-29-10

By Nate 

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You know what else is hard work? Grammar.

We have thugs and thieves in this town that work harder at trying to steal something than they would if they was working on a job.

Hitler thought the same thing about his youth

I was sitting outside Rock Bridge High School the other day to pick up my child after school, and I noticed the horrible, horrible clothes that these kids are wearing. Boys with pants down below their butt so all you can see is their underwear. This is absolutely outrageous. Girls with Daisy Dukes — on high school kids. Then I was watching this show over the weekend about Katrina and how the schools have improved and come back and these kids are wearing uniforms, and they looked great. They were well mannered, there wasn’t anybody going around holding their crotch while their butt sticks out. There’s no hot pants, no cleavage. I think they should do that more, especially in communities like adverse communities like this where it’s such a big deal of what you wear, how you look. … I would be glad to put a uniform on my child, and she said she would wear one

Free food for kids = socialist indoctrination

Some interesting information in the paper's Back to School 2010 section. First, 42 percent of all the 8,380 kids in my town’s 19 public elementary schools receive free or reduced-expense meals. Of course, a quick, easy and politically correct culprit would be to blame the economy, but what about irresponsible parents who expect society to fund their poor choices? Unfortunately, this entitlement attitude carries right on through childhood and into the adult’s life. It seems as if these irresponsible parents can afford a color TV, cable, a cell phone, cigarettes, a few tattoos and a fine car, they ought to be spending the money to feed their kids instead.


The giant XXX signs along the highway have flushed out not only the strippers but the hypocrites. As long as the strippers kept it low-key, they would have been all right in Columbia and all around, including the whorehouses. Once the whorehouses got online and the strippers got their big X’s along the highway, then the religious people had to get out and ban their activities. Well, I’m all in favor. I think we can do without strippers. There’s plenty of people who will strip for free.

Be tolerant to everyone, especially the victims of this post

One of the things that make most people the sickest about the Obama administration is he always asks everybody to be tolerant of all the criminals, crooks, welfare people, all those people all around the world. He never wants anybody to be tolerant about the 9/11 victims, the people who lost their lives or their loved ones in the 9/11 attacks. We’ve got to be tolerant of everybody else, but we can’t be tolerant of the people that actually get hurt in these things.

Missed connections

I’m trying to get hold of a lady who has a stock car on her land in a holler, and she called me to have my boys come out and see about it, but I have lost her telephone number and her name. I was wondering if maybe she could give me another call. I haven’t forgotten it; I just lost everything. We drove out past there, but I wasn’t sure.

Yes, it really takes you back...

I don’t have a big fancy education, but I’m smart enough to count money. When city planners spend $15 million for a parking garage but think about laying off firefighters, that takes you back to kindergarten or first grade. Even they would be smarter than that.

Birthers are probably geographically challenged

Those gosh darn right-wingers have it all wrong. No way is President Obama Kenyan. He has to be Egyptian because he’s always in denial.

But someone convinced you that he was

I’m college-educated and retired from the United States Navy. No one will ever convince me that Hussein Obama is not a Muslim. I’ll never believe that he has a legitimate birth certificate. This Marxist will never be my president

Cue The Boss

Your high school glory days of being placed on a pedestal and paraded around because of your name alone are over. Grow up and get a life

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  1. The one about tolerance is mind blowing. The person obviously doesn't know what tolerance is. And these fucking idiot birthers...why are they even reading OYIT?


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