Life with Davey

By Davey Duke 

One Year in Texas contacted me to save its fledgling Life with Mikey article that is written by a simpleton that nobody can relate too. I guess they asked me, I am fairly relatable. Much like you, I hate a lot of races and care deeply about politics. Even if we do not hate the same races, we can all agree that Zionists are pretty horrible.

I like the KKK and all, but sometimes I don't know if I'm hating races or being haunted.

I might not be a fan of Jews, but I do laugh at Seinfeld reruns on occasion.

Niggers are scary, but you should see me when a mouse runs across the floor.

I love writing books, but I hate the deadlines! These guys need to get off of my back.

It's not like I want to kill black people, I just don't want to use the same bathrooms as them. Have you gone in one after one of them have used it? So smelly!

Cornbread is my favorite kind of bread. Does that make me a race traitor?

I often miss the Netherlands, but if I leave the South and it rises again I would never forgive myself.

I sometimes wonder if my old Nazi uniform still fits? Good thing it's before Thanksgiving or I wouldn't even think about trying it on.

Running for president for the Populist Party did not make me popular. I didn't even get 50,000 votes! That is not popular at all.

If you use your money for drugs you shouldn't get welfare. It seems so simple but some of these dingbats don't seem to get it.

Politics are hard, but it will always be my true passion. That's why I voted for the blue M&M over 100 times.

I agree with Garfield on his hatred of Mondays, but his love of lasagna is hard for me to connect with. It's just too many carbs.

I'd rather watch the new Janeane Garafalo stand-up special than listen to a Zionist give a lecture. Fuck those guys, right?

Committing tax fraud isn't worth it--at least not if you get caught.

The Tea Party wants me to run for President in 2012. I'll do it! Let's put the 'white' back in 'White House.' That might be my campaign slogan, unless these morons can think of something better (they won't).


  1. The blue M&M? You're an idiot!

  2. What happened to Mikey? Is he on a family vacation or something?

  3. Nobody reads Life with Mikey, so I'm giving them something they might want to read instead.

  4. Davey is the most liberal racist tea partiest whose opinions I've ever read. Still, I hate you Davey but at, nope still hate you.


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