Life with Mikey #89

By Mikey 

Hi everybody. This is my 89th issue of Life with Mikey. I begged Jake and Glenn to let me go to 100. This is a milestone I do not want to miss, unlike being the fattest kid in the third grade.

Hungry Hungry Hippos is a game I can relate to.

Praying would be easier without the kneeling.

So is Spock an elf or what?

I have never seen Lost. I have a hard enough time following ALF.

Getting pitied by Mr. T is like getting razzed by Don Rickles. It's an honor.

Judge Ito was a one hit wonder.

I think I jammed my wrist trying to do push ups.

Why did ET love junk food so much? Maybe I'm an alien too.

I have an idea for a new kind of Raisin Bran with three scoops of raisins.

My wife took me to some kind of flower museum. It was actually pretty cool.

I remember when the Berlin Wall came down. I was eating a fried chicken TV dinner. You don't forget something like that.

People who lie are jerks.

Violins sound like crying children.

I bet the recession is hitting the chalk industry hard.


  1. How is it hard to follow ALF? He's an alien and he eats cats. That's pretty much it.

  2. Mikey, you sound like a fat ass in this one. If you don't get back to those push-ups, you might die of a heart attack and Mr. T will not pity you. Instead you will become a product of a truly recession proof industry: mortuaries.

  3. Either your violin is horribly out of tune or you really need to stop hitting children.

  4. you didn't miss much with lost. and sorry about your wrist!


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