Jerry Maguire: By the Numbers

By Glenn 

If you're visiting One Year in Texas this week, you probably came from reading the February 2011 Jerry Maguire Fan Club Newsletter. Welcome and "you complete me." Today we will go over some of the most and least well known facts and figures, numerically, associated with the film Jerry Maguire. To former fan club Presidents like myself and Ted Kaczynski (the Unabomber), this will be old hat. I hope the rest of you enjoy and an advance apology to autistics because these numbers are not prime.

1991 - Year Jerry Maguire novel published

12/13/1996 - Date film version was released

3 - Number of Blockbuster Films Awards won

6 - Edits done to bring movie from NC-17 to R

$50,000,000 (estimated) - budget

10% - Percentage of budget devoted to ridding cast and crew of body thetans

139 - Minutes in the film

$11.2 million - Size of the Contract Jerry Obtained for Rod Tidwell with the Arizona Cardinals

6 - Muslim countries who banned Jerry Maguire and have subsequently experienced turmoil

2 of 6 - rank of Jerry Maguire relative to other Cameron Crowe films

258,205,112 - Times "Show Me the Money!" has been said sincerely or ironically since film's release

2 - Tears I cried last night while the climactic scene with Rob Tidwell in the tunnel after his catch

2 - Languages featured in the movie (English + ASL)

$270 Million - Total Gross of the film

$6.8 Million - Cost of home Renee Zellweger bought in 2002

$0.65 - Cheapest used price of the DVD on Amazon

5,637 - Words in full version of Jerry's "Mission Statement" at the beginning of the film

13 - College house parties where I have recited the entire "Mission Statement" from memory

0 - Sexual experiences I've had that can hold a candle to Jerry and Dorothy's first time

8 of 10 - Point on the scale of how mad I was at Jerry O'Connell's Frank Cushman character for betraying Jerry Maguire

268 - User reviews on IMDb

9 - User reviewers submitted by Ted Kaczynski via mail to IMDb

235 - Fan letters I have sent to Cameron Crowe because of this movie

234 - Fan letters that were returned to me as undeliverable

30 minutes - Amount of time per day that I spend trying to remember what was in that other letter


  1. There should be more of these "by the numbers" pieces in the future.

  2. I'm glad that last fan letter went through! That RZ picture looks like a head shot she sent in when they were casting Twin Peaks!! I think I mean that as a compliment!!?!

  3. This was really great. I was all Jerry Maguire-ed out by the time this published so I held off on reading it. I wonder what you ranked as the number one Cameron Crowe film. I would put Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Almost Famous over it.

  4. Almost Famous is #1, with JM a close second. Cool post! Thanks for officially linking the film's banishment with uprisings in Muslim countries. OYIT provides such a significant public service.


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