When to Show the Money (And When Not To)

By Jake 

The most remembered line from Jerry Maguire is arguably the “Show me the Money!” What they fail to tell you, though, is that there are certain situations where showing the money is not appropriate. For you, dear readers, I am going to remedy that error on Cameron Crowe’s part.

The most apropos time to show money is during a drug, firearm or human trafficking deal. If you fail to show the money, your seller may not take you serious, or worse, kill you. The best way to contain the money, as I learned from movies (not Jerry Maguire, though), is in a briefcase, preferably metallic.

Another apt time for money showing is when you are trying to impress a potential mate via your wealth. This may not apply to a great deal of our readers, but it is important to list nevertheless. If you lack charm, this is a good way to win over a shallow love interest.

When you are using cash to buy good or services at a store, it is pretty necessary to show the clerk the money. Debit and credit cards are a good way to skirt around this if you have a phobia of cash or money showing. Nothing beats cash, though. Might as well show it if you got it.

The worst time to show money is in a bad part of the city, in a rather unpopulated area. Flashing you money around is a good way to lure criminal types toward you in order to take your cash. It would be best to stay out of such areas unless you absolutely need to get some heroin because you are junk sick.

There are not many times when showing money is a bad idea, you simply must use caution. Remember the ABC’s of showing money: Always Be Careful when showing the money. Hopefully this article has provided some insight that you can apply to your life. That is why I wrote it.


  1. I hope this article is featured in the inevitable remake of Jerry Maguire when Jon Lipnicki plays Jerry's character and Jaden Smith plays Rod Tidwell.

  2. This is a great guide - not only do I now know when to show the money, but I also know where to go when I get junk sick!!


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