Untertainment Weakly (2-18-11)

By Jake 

-Smallville is ending its 10 year run this season. I don't think anybody but my dad really cares. I mean, Superman doesn't even fly on this show.

-Radiohead has released a new album entitled "The King of Lambs." If it's anything like their other albums, it will be very boring, but you will say you like it so people who still listen to Korn will think you are "weird" and "offbeat."

-What came first: Lady Gaga or the egg?

-The Arcade Fire won The Grammy for Album of the Year. Sure, it's better than Eminem's shitty album, but it still isn't really the best album released in 2K10. Expect The Arcade Fire's music to get even more boring.

-Seinfeld's Uncle Leo is dead.

-Cut Copy released their new album "Zonoscope," which is actually fun to listen to and good, unlike Radiohead and The Arcade Fire. You can dance to it and they are not Nazis.

This Week's New Movies

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son - I have seen the trailer for this movie about 15 times while streaming Raw this week. The trailer features the phrase "Whoomp there it is!" in 2011. If this movie was any more outdated they would release it directly to laser disc and the soundtrack would come out in a music box. Martin Lawrence stars as a cop who dresses up like a really fat grandmother, and now he has a son that he teaches his craft to. The saddest part of this movie is that people are going to see it. They will laugh at it like it's Austin Powers: Goldmember, and it will have the same amount of laughs-- 0. If you go see this movie, please post about it in the comments and leave your address so I can murder you.

I Am Number 4 - This is going to be yet another awful movie, but at least it isn't a sequel or remake. This is the movie with the most integrity released this week. I'm not sure what this flick is about, but I'm pretty sure a lot of shit explodes. I really doubt it will be able to "win the box office" this weekend over the crossdressing romp, "Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son." This is just further proof that there is no God. If there was a God, he would have not really blessed Texas like that song says. Even the Pope wouldn't bless Texas. Oh yeah, see this movie if you want, as long as it keeps you out of the streets or from seeing "Big Mommas: LF,LS."



  2. Quit listening to above the ground bands that are really boring!

    I am adding something into this article about an album I actually like right now.

  3. Don't knock drone music until you've gotten a lobotomy and tried it GLENN.

    I for one can't wait to listen to Radiohead's new album after drinking a gallon of whiskey and double-fisting handfuls of clonazepam and vicodin. Does anyone know where to buy the tape or CD? I keep calling Sam Goody to see if they have it but they must be really busy because nobody's answering.


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