Untertainment Weakly (4-08-2011)

By Jake 

“Mad Men” is coming to Netflix Instant in July.

Meg Ryan will direct her first match called “Into the Beautiful.” It’s a film about friends reuniting after a long time. With Facebook around, this type of movie is kind of outdated, but that’s fine, at least it isn’t based off of a TV show.

“Bob’s Burgers” got renewed for a second season. It’s a pretty good show.

Disney is making a third boring “Tron” movie.

Movies Out Today
Your Highness - James Franco, Danny McBride and Natalie Portman team up for a medieval pot comedy. It could potentially be funny, but also could be horrible. Either way it is better than the second movie I’ll be writing about.

Arthur: The Shitty Remake - “Arthur: The Shitty Remake” stars Russell Brand, who I am not as charmed by as apparently the rest of America. Why remake “Arthur” in the first place? At the time that movie came out alcohol abuse was funny, now it is depressing. And how can a movie where a guy drinks and has fun be rated PG-13? Is this the message Hollywood wants to send to America’s already drunk teens? Is every movie released this weekend about substance abuse? Or is every movie Hollywood releases in general about substance abuse? I would say yes to the latter, which also covers the former.

Hanna - Hanna has been raised, by Eric Bana, to become the perfect assassin. She is addicted to assassination, just like Arthur is addicted to alcohol and Your Highness is addicted to reefers. Honestly, out of the “big three” released today, this is probably going to be the best, but it is PG-13, so go in knowing who it is geared toward. This means that this film about murder will have no blood. Teens cannot view blood or else they might start bleeding. Teens are what makes this country so bad. Teens, rapists and murderers--as if they are not one in the same.

Other Thoughts
I watched a couple movies this week. “The Chaperone” starring HHH, which was obviously awful. It is like if they played “Mr. Nanny” straight. Also, “The Odd Couple,” which is fantastic. Both are streaming on Netflix right now. If you watch “The Chaperone” I suggest you do a “Arthur” and “Your Highness” and get drunk and high, in hopes that you barely remember the film past a blur of HHH trying to lead children through a museum as bank robbers chase them.


  1. The new Arthur was great- I haven't laughed as hard since I saw people drink a lot on a so-called reality television show.

  2. Haha! Thanks Jake!! Bob's Burgers is great!!!

  3. I can't wait for Mad Men to come to netflix!


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