Life with Mikey #91

By Mikey 

Nobody has called me the weakest link and said goodbye to me in a long time.

Blogging is just something adults do.

I find plastic bags infuriorating.

What happened to Paula Poundstone? She was hilarious.

Jessica Simpson is a great person.

Is there a snack as good and light tasting as Munchos?

Prayers shouldn't rhyme.

I have never Wang Chunged. What the heck is that?

Peter Gabriel is overrated.

Parrots are so annoying.

Dairy Queen makes the best ice cream period.

What makes doing cocaine so appealing?

I'd pay top dollar to see another Star War.

Pilgrims were too orthodox for my taste.

What's a boot strap?


  1. Finally, I can agree with you on something. Pilgrims suck!

  2. No one says goodbye to you Mikey because you're an asshole!! Thanks for writing this article though!!!


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