Bobby Langston Blasts...The Economy

By Bobby Langston 

Much ballyhoo has been made recently over our economic situation. The spendocrats would love for the conservatives to allow them to have more money so they can do what they do best: spend, spend, spend. The conservatives would love for the democrats to do the other thing they do best: bend over backwards to make a deal, even if it alienates their supporters.

Ever since my much discussed trip to Pizza Hut, I have been very thrifty when it comes to doling out the dollars. This is what the dems should be doing. Instead, they want to pay the lazy to stay at home! I hope you will pardon my French, but: zut allors! You are supposed to get paid when you do an honest day’s worth of work, such as being a CEO of an oil company or writing a conservative think piece on a website.

So, the real question, for which there is no true answer, is how can we fix this fine mess in which we find ourselves? Some of the other writers on this site bow down to the red Chinese, but I do not and I am not looking forward to where we are headed. My hope is that a true conservative finds his way into the White House and can rectify this situation. People, my fingers are crossed, and for once, I do not mean to invoke any religious imagery.

Our economy is more goofed up than a glue huffing dimwit at a back to school sale. America’s credit rating has gone from AAA to AA, which, is bad. Anytime you lose an “A” you know you are in trouble. I’m no warmonger, but what we need is another war. War always turns the economy around.

Until our economy turns, I am going to sleep with a gun under my pillow. Yes, this is extremely uncomfortable and barely effective as a form of protest, but if the Chinese come here trying to collect their debt and take over this country, I want easy access to a firearm. I will never shoot a Chinese person, but I will commit suicide before bowing down the the emperor of China.


  1. Bobby, we would be lucky to have a Chinese leader. You are a racist.

  2. Jake is right. Some of our best Presidents, including Woodrow Wilson and Deng Xiaoping, were Chinese.

  3. Bobby is the one last bastion of unfiltered idiocy with a point of view. Whatever that p.o.v. is it should be valued for the role it serves in our society!


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