Untertainment Weakly (9-30-11)

By Jake

Zooey Deschanel’s new show “The New Girl” is a smash hit for the Fox Network.  Its second episode drew in 9.3 million viewers.

Rob Schneider is coming to CBS with a new show where he marries into a tight-knit Mexican-American family.  This is the medium of television’s “jump the shark” moment.

DJ Qualls says that he was beaten by Vancouver police for no reason.  Maybe they saw “The New Guy.”

Dane Cook has signed a sitcom deal with NBC.

NBC has ordered two more episodes of "Parenthood" for this season due to a ratings bump.  Way to take advantage NBC.  Two whole new episodes!  I don't understand why you're failing.

"Free Agents" is already on the bubble.  It's a good show, with really funny people on it, but for some reason NBC has it on Wednesday instead of Thursday.

Movies Out Today
50/50 - This film has been getting rave reviews.  Maybe more so than any other film this year so far.  The film stars Joseph Gordon Levitt ("3rd Rock from the Sun") and Seth Rogen.  JGL gets diagnosed with cancer and Rogen hangs out with him and probably smokes his medical marijuana.  If you like cancer or pot, see it.

What's Your Number? - Anna Ferris stars as the character "Ally Darling," who reads a magazine article saying if you have slept with more than 20 men you will not find a husband.  Does this sound good to you?  Do you think that "Ally Darling" is a good character name?  How could you?  Anna Ferris is funny, but is rarely in a film worth watching.  I can think of two that I liked: "Observe and Report," which is a dark comedy about mental illness, and "Smiley Face," which is a goofy pot comedy.  Good luck to anybody who sees this film.

Dream House - A house is haunted.  This is a PG-13 horror film.  Don't even bother.

Other Thoughts
I watched a few movies, but I don't think anybody really likes that part of this article.  Really, I don't think anybody likes any part of this article, but that has never stopped me from writing it.  If you want to know about the movies I've seen this week (or any week) go to my movie review blog (robotholocaust.blogspot.com).

I'm sad to hear about the inevitable cancellation of "Free Agents."  It has stiff competition from CBS and probably some bullshit dance shows, too.  I don't have cable/satellite so I really have no idea.  It might be going up against "Modern Family," which is much better.  Hulu an episode of "Free Agents" and maybe it can stay on.  Lots of shows get bad ratings on NBC.  NBC is a terrible network full of great shows.


  1. People like parts of this article ! But they don't like the article as much as they like "The new girl" and they like it more than they like Free Agents.

  2. I meant to come back and crack a joke about Dane Cook getting a sitcom, but I forgot.

  3. I love these articles! I didnt know "The New Girl" was doing so well! They moved "Chuck" to friday nights to die. I just hope they get a full season.

  4. I believe Chuck has a definite order this season. It is its last season, which was known before it started airing this season.

  5. Jake, and Who Charted are the exclusive mediums I get news about the entertainment business and only then because they're really funny!


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