Untertainment Weakly (1-13-12)

By Jake

Fox is developing a late-night animation block to air on Saturdays and will be headed up by a former Adult Swim head.

Emma Stone and Andy Samberg will guest star on an upcoming episode of “30 Rock.”

Fox has canceled the awful “Allen Gregory.”  It was pulling down the ratings of every show that followed it, so no surprise there.

Paul Rudd will guest star on an upcoming episode of “Parks and Recreation.”

“Psych” has been renewed for a seventh season.

Universal is planning a sequel to the hit religious film “Bruce Almighty.”  Why not?  Jim Carrey’s career is going down the toilet anyway.

Some asshole who directs the terrible “Tosh.0” will helm the “Police Academy” remake.

Fox has ordered a pilot about a “manny,” which is a male nanny.  I hate you people change words to either reflect a male or female orientation, it’s sexis and it's stupidt.  It’s the same reason I refuse to speak french.

There will not be a Kristen Wiig-less sequel to “Bridesmaids.”  Actor Melissa McCarthy, who the movie would have theoretically centered around, has called it a terrible idea.

Even though cast members of “Glee” are graduating on the TV program, they will still return for another season.  Is this Glee’s jump the shark moment or has it already happened?  Their ratings are way down from last season (which I found I by visiting Wikipedia).

Paula Deen, the fat cook, has diabetes.

Tila Tequila is converting to Judaism.  The question isn’t why is she doing this? it is why aren’t you?

Herman Cain will be a guest on the premiere episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher” season 10.

Stephen Colbert may run for president, at least in the South Carolina primary.

Movies Out This Weekend
Beauty and the Beast 3D - After seeing “The Adventures of Tin Tin” in 3D, I am on the 3D bandwagon.  It was pretty cool.  Yet, I am still not on the “Beauty and the Beast” bandwagon.  This is, what, the second or third time Disney has re-released “Beauty and the Beast” in theaters.  I guess there’s constantly new babies being born, but still, can’t people watch this movie on their 3D televisions in the privacy of their own mancaves?  I’m sure my dad will take my baby sisters to see this, so I can’t be completely against this, and I even asked Kaleena if she wanted to see it.  She didn’t.  I really didn’t either, but I would have.

Contraband - Mark Wahlberg’s brother, Donny Wahlberg (of New Kids on the Block fames), has found himself in great debt due to not getting accostumed to the non-celebrity lifestyle and living beyond his means.  Mark must return to his old career of being a smuggler.  This was, I guess, between being in the Funky Bunch and starring in “Boogie Nights.”  What will Mark Wahlberg steal to save Donny?  How will he steal it?  Will he do it in time?  You will have to pay $15 for a ticket to this film to find out.

Joyful Noise - Queen Latifa and Dolly Parton team up (finally!) to bring us a music-driven feature-length film.  They play senior citizens who form a choir since they have been forced to retire from their jobs and cannot live off of the money they’re getting from social security.  They become famous!

Other Thoughts
Stephen Colbert running for president is pretty fucked up.  He’s probably going to win, right?  I would even consider voting for him, but I will probably vote for the ghost of John F. Kennedy like I usually do.

Kal and I have been watching the children’s TV show “Adventure Time” recently and it’s really fun and funny.  I would recommend renting the DVD of it from the Washington District Library.


  1. Bob Golic will be the choir director on the next season of Glee! I can't wait for Herman Cain to be on Real Time!! When is it back on air!?!

    1. Do you still watch Glenn, Bub!?

    2. I listen to the podcast every week - it's the audio from the tv show!

    3. Jake meant do you still watch me, Bub? Do you see me???


    4. He said he listens to the podcast version!

  2. I liked Allen Gregory! More than Paul Rudd's guest appearance on Parks and Recreation!!


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