I thought Jeremy Lin was cool before everyone else did.

By Sarah

So, I guess everyone thinks Jeremy Lin is cool now? Whatever. I thought Lin was cool way before everyone else was into him. Before all those sluts were calling his name at Knicks games. I was into Lin when he was sooo underground.

Watching his 55 sporadic minutes of play time in the Knicks’ first 23 games of this season was so chill. Like, he was the only player in the NBA that I cared about. Seriously. I was so effing sad when the Houston Rockets waived him. He played 7 AMAZING MINUTES with them preseason. WTF Houston?

I thought Lin was cool back when he was playing for the Golden State Warriors, even. I was the first one of all my friends to be like, “I’m not going out tonight. There’s a Warriors game on. Go Lin! I’m Lin-sane!” The first one. Ask my mom, seriously. She’d tell you how obsessed I was with him. I’d be like, “Go Lin!” and all my friends would be like, “Is that a bar?”

In college when everyone else was fawning over LeBron I was like, “Le who? Is he French? Never heard of him. I can’t hear anything over the sound of number 4 scoring 27 points for Harvard to beat BC. You guys are dumb.” Then they all rolled their eyes because they didn’t know how cool Lin was. I felt bad for them because I was a trendsetter and I didn’t even care about trendsetting.

Lin was so effing cool to me way back in ‘05 when he was playing small venues. It was crazy to me when UCLA ignored him and then Harvard swooped in for the recruit. I mean, HELLO! My boy was Northern California Division II Player of the Year as a senior! How do you miss that, UCLA? Seriously. I was so upset.

It’s just like, annoying that everyone is into Lin now and thinks Lin is cool. I thought Jeremy Lin was cool before everyone else did. Ugh. I’m kind of over him. I have no idea what I’m going to do with all these stupid Lin jerseys now.

Sarah Ashley is a comedian, performer, and writer in Chicago. She is one half of the sketch comedy and improv team 'The Era!' Visit their website to find upcoming shows here, and read their very funny tumblr where this post originally appeared here!


  1. I don't know what 'Jeremy Lin' or 'basketball' is, but I know this is VERY FUNNY!!!

  2. Bub is right, on both him not knowing what basketball is and this being very funny.

  3. This is the modern dilemma for us post-modern alts. We only want to love things that aren't worth loving, and then when people start loving them we can no longer love ourselves.