Facebook Fun Volume 1

By Staff

 Have you ever made fun of someone in real life or Facebook? You shouldn't, because it's wrong. But two wrongs can make a right in the new feature we're calling Facebook Fun. Please enjoy these screenshots of us saying things we may or may not believe.  You can also click on the pictures and then scroll through a HTML-based applet that displays them.

Ryan's ex-girlfriend's mom made the mistake of trying to understand a Facebook status.  Her son enjoyed it.

Then Ryan and Glenn got into a serious discussion about Tron and motorcycles as a comment on a youtube video about recreating the Tron Motorcycle.

Then Glenn interacted with a parent on FB.

Then we started in on the many Lana Del Rey fan pages.

Then a woman who is a REAL animal communicator started posting pictures on her FB page.

I don't remember where this is from.

Finally, Roy Blunt, sponsor of the infamous "Blunt Amendment" that allowed employers not to give birth control to women, posted links on his page.


  1. I'm surprised there wasn't more LDR....

  2. Glenn asked me to take over writing captions to this and then got so mad at me when I wrote about not wanting to do it. HE WAS FURIOUS. I have never seen him so angry.

  3. Karen Andresson, Bananamail Communicator deleted multiple posts of mine then blocked me. I have never been so upset. I wish that was a joke.

  4. Pigs are SO FUCKING DUMB! Not as dumb as Mikey though... That Yakov Smirnoff joke was great!!

  5. these are not even my best fb trolls.

  6. or at least aren't representative, i mean

  7. 'Lana Del Racist' was pretty good!

  8. This is an amazing new edition!


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