Untertainment Weakly (3-2-12)

By Jake

Martin Lawrence has a pilot headed to CBS.

Lucy Lawless was arrested in a protest of an oil drilling ship in New Zealand.  

Jason Segel will not work on the sequel to “The Muppets,” but James Bobin and Nick Stoller will.

Dane Cook has landed a NBC pilot called “Next Caller Please” about a satellite radio DJ who is angry at being paired with a feminist womyn.

Davy Jones died this week.  He died doing what he loved most: dying.

Former “Grace Under Fire” star Brett Butler has signed on to be in the Charlie Sheen starring sitcom “Anger Management.”
James Spader is leaving “The Office” at the end of this season.  I’m sure somebody is still watching this show, it is the highest rated sitcom on NBC, after all.

Lifetime has a new Bristol Palin reality show.  Fuck this.

Jonah Hill is already working on the script for a “21 Jump Street” sequel.  I think he’s counting the proverbial eggs before they hatch.  I hope this movie bombs so badly now.

Ed Helms is rumored for the lead in an upcoming “Vacation” remake by the writers of “Horrible Bosses.”

CBS has cast Lucy Liu as Watson in their “Sherlock Holmes” pilot.

Matthew Perry Watch

“Friends” writer Scott Silveri will be creating a pilot for NBC that the iconic “Friends” and “The Whole Nine Yards” actor will star.

Movies Out This Weekend
The Lorax - A sequel to “Tree of Life.”  Jack (Sean Penn) and his young self (Hunter McCracken) have met up on a beach with all of their relatives and acquaintances, living and dead.  The walk through the door frame in the middle of the desert and end up in the magical world of Dr. Seuss.  They meet the Lorax, a creature who hungers for trees, but there are very few trees left.  The go and search for the “tree of life.”

Project X - Some kids have a party.

Other Thoughts
Watched a lot of movies this week, here is a list and ratings:
Win Win 8/10
Contagion 7/10
Social Network 8/10
50/50 10/10
Incendies 9/10
Midnight in Paris 10/10
Paul 6.5/10
30:Minutes of Less 6.5/10
The Rum Diary 4/10
Our Idiot Brother 5.5/10
The King’s Speech 8/10
Tree of Life 10/10
The Debt 6/10
Adjustment Bureau 7/10
Beginners 9.5/10
Hugo 10/10
Blue Valentine 6/10
The Source Code 7/10
La Femme Nikita 7.5/10
The Help 8/10
Restless 7/10
Take Shelter 7/10
Sophie Scholl: The Final Days 8/10
Skateland 2/10


  1. The Lucy Lawless/Lucy Liu dichotomy confuses me! I can't tell who is who. Which one is in the picture? Which one protests drilling? Which one was Xenu, Warrior Goddess?

  2. Matthew Perry watch gets better EVERY WEEK! Who was that kid that had a party while his parents were gone that was on national news and Talk Soup for a couple weeks?

  3. Yeah, that Australian kid. He was the documentarian who made "Project X."

    Dane Cook's sexist sitcom sounds so fucking terrible.

  4. THANK YOU (Corey Delaney) Jake!!!

  5. Glen, I'm confused by the Lucy's too. Thought I was liking Lucy Liu more, turns out it was Lawless then turned out I remembered I don't know either one.

  6. John Candy's GhostMarch 4, 2012 at 9:37 AM

    hey can someone do a watch for me maybe?


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