Life With Mikey #107

By Mikey

This is the only time you will see me mention the name "Beetlejuice."  I am not bringing that guy back.

 Why doesn't Coors make 2 liters of beer?

Sorry to have to say it like this, but: Fuck the Cubs.

Wax paper is probably being hit hard by the recession.

I'm surprised Harry Connick Jr. didn't get an Oscar nod for Copycat.  Great film, great performance.

I know it's not a "cool" or "hip" opinion, but I believe that Hallmark makes the best greeting cards.

Why do bagels have holes?

It's weird that Willow is the Leprechaun from Leprechaun.

Smoked meats are very enjoyable.

Name one thing better than Pictionary.  It's impossible.

Fondue seems pretty ridiculous to me.  They always eat it in the movie my wife makes me watch.


  1. "Why do bagels have holes?" is the stupid things I've ever heard in my life.

  2. But you don't have an answer!

  3. You loves the Cubs, dummy! Kevin Sorbo might be taking your place as 'world's biggest asshole'!!


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