My Interview with Delbert Elvis (An Internet Sex Worker)

By Jake and Delbert Elvis

delbertoin5241: hey there 19 and i just turned my cam on! i love being naughty! goto

jakexmerch: how naughty are we talking? staying up past bed time or murder in cold blood?

Delbert Elvis: my pussy hurts... it needs to be licked... lolz

jakexmerch: why does it hurt? bee stings?

Delbert Elvis: have we talked before??

jakexmerch: i do not believe so.

Delbert Elvis: Your not the wierdo I had to block earlier right? lol

jakexmerch: No, you messaged me. I'm just a weirdo you haven't blocked yet.

Delbert Elvis: Good because my pussy is hot and I feel like Im about to bust...

jakexmerch: If your pussy is hot and hurts you might have some serious gynecological problems. I would see a doctor if I were you.

Delbert Elvis: Have you ever seen a pussy bust full of juices or felt it bust on your face??

jakexmerch: Sure, but "bust" is such a harsh word, don't you think? Even "explode" sounds less blunt and more elegant.

Delbert Elvis: Well I loooove to deepthroat and FuCk!!!

jakexmerch: What is your favorite movie?

Delbert Elvis: Do you like to fuck??

jakexmerch: Of course! I am a human being and sexual pleasure is quite enjoyable to me. Do you like to read books? What is your favorite novel?

Delbert Elvis: I dont think Ive actually never had a man make me came b4..think you can make me cum??

jakexmerch: Not over an internet connection. Do you like horses? Do any horse riding?

Delbert Elvis: I live alone..lets have some fun??

jakexmerch: Do you rent or own?

Delbert Elvis: I can turn on my cam so u can see what I look like... k ?

jakexmerch: That's okay, i'm just enjoying this enthralling conversation.

Delbert Elvis: click that then click the join free button on the top of my page there...

jakexmerch: I'm sorry, I'm not in a sexy mood. I just found out that the factory I work at is closing. I'm really worried about finding work in this time of economic uncertainty.

Delbert Elvis: I use this site bc I dont want to risk being recorded... nothing personal just have to be safe... plus i have to make sure u are an adult b4 i show u my pussy squirting... k?

jakexmerch: I understand. You wouldn't want to show a child a squirting pussy.

Delbert Elvis: its a free site when u go thru my page bc ive been a premium member there for a long time..... so hurry... im ready to squirt!!

jakexmerch: Hey, I'm not going to stand in your way of squirting, both metaphorically and figuratively.

Delbert Elvis: u in yet???

jakexmerch: I'm sorry, I cannot go to your squirting video page today. I hope you squirt very thoroughly nevertheless. Enjoy your squirting!

Delbert Elvis: just let me know when u are in... im ready to do this


  1. This person messaged me again and said the exact same things.

  2. That's a cliff hanger! Is this going to be a trilogy like Ice Age, or one with numerous movies like Land Before Time?

  3. If her so-called "pussy" really does need to be licked, I sympathize to her.

  4. We sort of said our goodbyes at the end.

  5. I love this so much!!! I wish Delbert Elvis would be MY girlfriend!


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