Obama Personally Endorses Same Sex Marriage

By Glenn

Unless you were away at a special one day training camp to reprogram you away from homosexuality, you probably saw the big news: President Obama announced he was personally comfortable with the idea of same sex marriage.  What that support means legislatively or legally is to be determined, much like my own sexuality.  Supporters of same sex marriage hope that he might rally support for a repeal of 1996's Defense of Marriage Act while the other side hopes that this was simply a statement of personal belief.  Whichever side you stand on, one thing is clear: you are wrong.

I didn't know what to feel when Obama made this announcement so I went online to gauge the "internet reaction."  Compiled below are a few of the most insightful comments I read about the political, moral, emotional and intellectual implications of Obama's somewhat surprising announcement yesterday.  Please read and then cast YOUR vote in our OYIT poll below on same sex marriage.  The winners will be announced on the second anniversary of Osama bin Laden's death.



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