The Secret

By Bub

“I don’t think this is going to work”

“Trust me.  Just drop the water balloons when I say ‘Go‘, and I’ll take care of the rest.”

They saw the man in the suit from three blocks away.  They were on the roof of what used to be an insurance office.  They camped there the night before at Collin’s insistence.  He did not want to miss his opportunity and mess this up.

“Explain how this is supposed to go again?”

“You drop the water balloons when I say ‘Go’.  They’ll hit the man in the suit and he’ll be soaked.”

“OK, then what?”

“What do you mean, ‘then what’?  He’ll be soaked with water, from the water balloons.”

“But you said you’d ‘take care of the rest’.  What are you going to do - what does that mean?  Why are we trying to soak this guy with water balloons to begin with?  Why am I the one doing the soaking?!  What the hell is going on here, Collin?”

“SSHHHH!” Collin gnashed with his finger extended in front of his teeth in a shushing gesture.  “He’s almost here.” He whispered and pointed down toward the man in the suit.

The man in the suit approached the sidewalk in front of the old insurance building.  Collin pointed at Mason.  Mason reluctantly dropped the water balloons.  They exploded on the man in the suit’s head and shoulders.  He reflexively yelled out “Hey!”  He looked up and spotted the pair of young adult men. 

“Aw, fuck.  It didn’t work. Let’s get out of here.”  Collin dejectedly turned to leave.

“Wait…” Mason cautioned. “Look!”  Collin turned back to behold an amazing sight.

The man in the suit began to expand.  His suit dissolved like a plastic capsule as he swelled exponentially larger.  His skin turned to a green spongy foam.  He took the shape of an Allosaurus.  He was now a 25 feet tall, inanimate, foam dinosaur, staring them in the eyes.

“Well Mason, how does it feel to be a soon-to-be millionaire?”  Collin asked, smiling.

“I think we just killed a man, Collin.  And why on earth would this make us millionaires?”

“I don’t know, Mason, I just think things and they become true.”


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