King of the Ring 1993, Yoko vs Hogan [Poem]

By Jake, Intro by Glenn

King of the Ring 1993 was a seminal event in WWF and world history.  The first King of the Ring pay-per-view, it featured a tournament won by an ascendent Bret Hart and a World Championship match between a descendent Hulk Hogan and challenger Yokozuna.  This was a rematch of the infamous 30 second match they had at the end of Wrestlemania IX earlier in the year where Hogan won the title from 'Zuna after a misplaced Mr. Fuji salt throw into Yokozuna's eyes and a classic Hogan legdrop.  It would be the last match of Hogan's WWF career and of his entire life as he died during the filming of Thunder in Paradise later that year.

The following are haikus based the world championship match.

550 pounds; Polynesian Islands
Hogan's slimmed down
Mouth of the South

"A lot of people's favorite colors
in this building
are red and yellow.
But Mine are the
red, white and blue."

Looks 50 pounds heavier
Looks 100 pounds heavier
Hogan's a dummy, though
Doesn't gotta beat him, no

AAA couldn't even pick up Yokozuna

Do it for the Hulkamaniacs
Do it for yourself
Do it for your bank account

Big boot (No)
Big boot (No)
Big boot (...yes)
Legdrop, kickout

Camera explodes in Hogan's face
Yoko wins
"The bright lights of the WWF are too much for the Hulkster."


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