No Mothers (A Short Play)

By Jake

Martel, Tyler, Don and Leo stand in a circle in Freedom Park, a small park in the center of town.

Tyler: Man...your mama is so fat...

Martel: (Cuts him off) Yo, you know my mama is dead.  No mothers.

Tyler: All right, all right.  Your father is so...

Don: (Cuts him off)  Hey, my father just left my family.  No fathers, a'ight?

Tyler: Okay, okay.  That's cool, man.  (Thinks.)

 Don: Yo, I got it.  I got it.  Your preacher is so gay--

Martel: (Cuts him off) Hey man, I'm an atheist.

Don: (Aggravated) Cool, cool.  Hmmm...

Martel: Your sister is so loose--

Tyler: (Cuts him off) I ain't got no sister.

Martel: guys wanna go to Hardee's and get a Thickburger or some shit?

Don: Yeah, that's cool, man.

The End.

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  1. An provocative look into the lives of small-town tweens in any small-town in any small-world. Loved it!


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