How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Sarah!

By Sarah Ashley

I did a lot this summer. Boy, oh boy, did I have a ball! I learned lots of lessons and saw lots of things.

June started out with a bang – I did my first solo comedy showcase and got some pretty constructively critical notes on it. No SNL for me, but luckily there’s always room for improvement - lots and lots of improvement! Then I wasted $20 on a workshop about becoming a published author. I learned that sometimes, published authors hold workshops just to promote their own shitty books and perform some failed stand-up material!

July started out with two bangs – first my Friday flight to New York City (the city of dreams!) got delayed until Saturday, then my flight home on Sunday got cancelled all together! I learned that no one at Spirit Airlines actually has a spirit and that booking a brand new flight on another airline costs hundreds of dollars that you don’t get back. I went to the beach on the two hottest days of the summer. July was the month I started seeing a therapist!

August started just like normal – with a bang! I moved into a brand new apartment that I love! I traveled to Spain and France where I ate prosciutto and got chased by a homeless man, respectively. Then my best friend moved away! I learned that life is short and you have to make yourself happy, even if that means deciding to stop being everyone’s bitch. So I quit my job! This girl is nobody’s bitch!

This summer sure was eventful – and one I won’t soon forget! 


  1. This article started off with a bang and never let up. Now I'm deaf from all the banging!

  2. You had more Bangs this summer than TBS's Wednesday night lineup.

    I would have told you that workshop was a scam but you never asked!

  3. Is prosciutto pork sashimi?! Did you steal a homeless man's prosciutto?!? Will you please steal a homeless man's prosciutto? What's he doing with prosciutto in the first place!! Sounds like you had a great summer!!!


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