Untertainment Weakly (10-12-12)

By Jake

The fourth season of “Louie” will not air until 2014.

“Community” and “Whitney” have been put on hold, in theory to replace some of NBC’s shows that will be canceled.

On “Monday Night Raw,” professional wrestling superstar CM Punk punched a fan in the audience.  The fan was wearing sunglasses inside and they were not Oakleys, so it was justified.

Sexy librarian Rachel Harris and Angela Kinsey of “The Office” landed a pilot over at Fox called “Dirty Blondes.”

NBC has slashed Jay Leno’s pay in half.  Fuck Leno.  He can commit suicide by turning on his 500 cars and suffocating.

The “Munsters” reboot is going to have a special airing in two weeks as part of Halloween.

The premier of "Community" and "Whitney" have been delayed, which is possibly good news since neither show is likely to die on Friday now.

Stevie Nicks apologized for saying she would kill Nicki Minaj.

Anne Hathaway is attached to star in a new romantic comedy co-written by Mindy Kaling.

Rapper Nelly was detained for possession of heroin, a loaded gun and 10 pounds of weed.  It may have taken him 10 years, but KRS-1 finally won.

Matthew Perry Watch
"Go On" has been given a full season order!  Congrats to Matt.

Movies I Watched in the Last Month
Looper 9/10 I really liked this movie.  It’s about time travel and has Bruce Willis killing a bunch of guys with guns.  What could be better?
X: The Unheard Music 9/10 The great band X has a great sort-of documentary and this is it.  Very enjoyable.
Pitch Perfect 7/10 Incredibly stupid, but fun.
Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie 7/10 An incredibly fucked up movie that does not even for a second try to be likable or anything but completely weird and unappealing.

Project X 7/10 Teens have a crazy party: The Movie.

Song of the Week



  2. You wish that Vince Vaughn played his character!

  3. OMG Nelly is going to be sent to Bagram! Better than the sitcom prison Community has been sent to!!


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