Good morning from OYIT [Tue Jan 20] -- INAUGURATION DAY

By Glenn

Good morning. If you thought yesterday was great, you'll love what today has in store for you. Yesterday's "holiday" (if you can really call something a holiday when it doesn't involve presents or Jesus Christ) took on a special meaning to many Americans because of what's happening today: the inauguration of our new President Barack Obama. Think about that. Read that sentence again (the one about Obama, not the one where I told you to think about it). Savor this feeling because we will never have another President in our lifetimes. I will be quick today because you're probably reading this in the morning and the inauguration is fast approaching.

[I realize I should have finished the sentence "never have another President in our lifetimes" with something like "who will inspire this much hope" or "who wasn't a natural born citizen" but it seemed more poignant if I implied we would simply never have another President after Barack Obama.]

Today's Weather:

No map. It's going to be cold, unlike Hell - which I've heard from the Christian Bible is very hot. That's where people from the Bush administration will go once they die! Just kidding - there's no afterlife and none of them will ever be punished for the wrongs they've committed.

Today's New President:

You have to love him. This is the public face of our country for the next fifteen years, and I couldn't be happier.

Today's Big Event:

Yo! Majesty is playing a concert in the White Room in Miami, FL tonight. Haven't heard of them? Think they're just typical? Think again:
Yo! Majesty are anything but typical: a lesbian, Christian hip-hop duo outta Tampa, they mix big club bangers with the Baltimore underground sound, throwing in touches of Salt-N-Pepa, electro and crunk with equal aplomb. Their lyrics are controversial, their tracks are produced by British electronica futurists Hard Feelings UK, and their live show is wild enough to share stages with CSS and the Gossip. When Yo! Majesty’s Shunda K and Jwl B go on, only one thing is certain: the party’s going off!
If that description doesn't sell you on buying a one way (trust me, you won't need round trip) ticket to Miami tonight then nothing will. If you want more information, please call The White Room in Miami at 305-995-5050.

Today's Second Biggest Event

Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration is today - possibly even as you're reading this! That link is to the official government website, but unless you are 45 I'm sure you can find other links online. You can listen to it, watch it live, attend it and even criticize it for not having enough Pagan imagery.

I had an opportunity to go to DC for the ceremony and parties, but didn't. I'm kind of kicking myself for not going, but probably not as much as John McCain is kicking himself for not running more ads talking about Jeremiah Wright during the campaign. I read an article in the newspaper saying that a lot of people were calling in sick to work or watching the inauguration at work. I plan to do both. Seriously, don't miss this shit. I still remember watching Bill Clinton's first inauguration in elementary school and even then I knew Vince Foster wouldn't make it past the first year of Clinton's presidency. I wouldn't give up that memory of seeing a new President inaugurated for anything - not even to bring Vince Foster back so he could testify at the trial for his murder.



  2. Shazzzbbottttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Glenn I love and miss you. And this is the one day in my life I would choose to be with you. So, your Good Morning Wish means a lot. I don't think we will ever witness a more hopeful moment. It is almost hard to believe that it was only six years ago that we were going to war for no real reason, had dismissed global warming, financial sector regulation, and general human decency. As a student of international law, I spent at least half of my classroom time learning about how the Bush administration pissed all over precedence and fucked international relations in the ass. After eight years, having a president that believes exactly the radical things that I believe is almost too good to be true. But it is. And we should relish it. Glenn for your work, Nate for your work, I don't know if Bryan did any work - somehow he strikes me as a Clinton supporter, Jake for your work (you actually did make a difference didn't you!?), and myself, I did as much as anyone anywhere did to get Obama elected as Johnson County Iowa Precinct Captain, and Caucus Secretary.

  4. It is just so hard to grasp that every moment in my life will be less pleasurable than this. The communists could take the US over and it would be really hard to feel any more elated than I do at the prospect of President Barack Obama. I have never been so proud to be an American, a silly thing if you think about it, but this time deservedly so. Americans really got it right this time, and Nicholas Sarkozy can't argue with that. I am prouder of Glenn as a friend than I have ever been of anyone in my life. The fact that you did so much, as much as humanly possible, to elect Obama, AND it actually happened it should inform every decision you ever make in that it should say to you - ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

  5. Bub, I registered voters in Gary, IN so they could vote for Obama! I did my part. I didn't vote, but only because I don't believe it. It makes me uncomfortable as an anarchist (or a reformed anarchist, maybe) to be voting for the person that is going to fuck us over with bullshit laws and not make Pennywise's "Bro Hymn" our new National Anthem (I wasn't sure if that needed to be capitalized or not).

  6. Also, CSS that the lesbian rap group Yo! Magesty played with is the semi-great Brazilian baile funk (a type of gangster rap coming out of the Favelas which mostly talks about lewd sex acts, giant asses and murdering the police all in Portuguese) is none other than Cansei de Ser Sexy. They are one of the baile funk groups that is easy to find in America and on internet (if you steal music).

  7. I love you too Bub, by the way. If that wasn't obvious.

  8. i watched the inaurguration with jake's aunt (my adopted aunt) and we made a lot of off-color (non-racist) jokes before the speech, but shut the hell up during biden's and obama's swearing in. then i almost cried a little - but i didn't. i cried in the morning when i was watching the coverage at 8:00 a.m. on the computer and thinking about how awesome a turn this is in history.
    also, i'm a bit annoyed that he's known as the first "black" president - he's not even all black ! but more importantly - why the hell does that even matter ? except for now no parent can tell their legal (or semi-legal) children that they can't be president one day (unless they're just too stupid, in which case, that might not necessarily negate them from some sort of political office - C average bush !)


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