Life with Mikey

By Mikey

Hi, I'm Mikey. I was asked to post here by a friend. I have a unique take on life's little foibles. I'm here to share them with you. I hope you enjoy it.

  • Maybe it's just me, but I think tattoos are pretty rebellious. Did you know they make blacklight tattoos? It's neat.

  • I watch sports because I'm a man. Did you notice that in football, they mostly use their hands? Also, football is what we call soccer and they use their feet. Pretty weird, huh?

  • Is it just me or is Sheryl Crow still an attractive and excellent musician?

  • Do girls ever go "all the way" on the first date with you? Maybe that's too edgey, I apologize.

  • What's your favorite baseball team? Mine is the Tigers. Tigers have stripes.

  • Aren't computers amazing?

  • Remember in Ernest Goes to Jail when he can shoot lightning out of his fingers? That was a good movie, right?

  • In E.T. that alien loved Reese's Pieces. Why do aliens have such a sweet tooth? It's pretty weird if you think about it.

  • Where's Waldo? He's always hiding behind stuff and it's hard to find him. Those are books that I buy my son.

  • John Candy had a lot of great roles in his career. My favorite is Uncle Buck.

  • Remember when Hulk Hogan body slammed Andre the Giant at Wrestle Mania III? That was a phenomenal display of power.

  • If I could have any super power I think I'd want to fly. That would be fun, I bet.

  • I was fishing last weekend. I was using nightcrawlers, of course. I had very little luck. I blame the weather.

  • I watched a Steven Segal movie on TNT the other day. They edited all the best parts out. I was quite disappointed. I'm going to queue it up on Netflix.

  • When you add baking soda to vinegar it foams up like crazy. You can make a mock volcano out with a little crafting. I helped my son make one once. It was pretty cool. I guess I like science.

  • I don't get why everybody loves John Lennon so much. Maybe you can explain it to me.

  • When I drink coffee I always make sure to put sugar in, but no cream. I like it sweet but not creamy. That's just me, though.

  • Russian roulette is not a game I'd play. Give me Monopoly any day and I'll be happy!

  • When you're on the internet and you shorten words to initials it can get confusing. I understand "LOL" and "ROFL" and even "WTF" but there's way too many to keep track of. Some of us have work to do and can't abbreviate everything to three letters.

  • I haven't even played a video game since Space Invaders. I'm okay with that.

  • Peacocks are glorious.

    Hopefully I'll be back with another one next week. I guess it depends on your reactions.


    1. Yeah, I have to agree with Glenn. I'm sorry I asked Mike to post here.

    2. This was really fun to read in the style of a stand-up routine.

    3. I enjoyed it until I found out Mickey was old enough to have a child. I really saw him as a 14-year-old learning disability kid. And THAT was funny.

    4. i thought it was great in it's lack of humour.

    5. Katy, his name is Mikey. You're thinking of Mickey the mouse. He is a mouse and can't write articles for OYIT.

    6. i actually thought along the same lines as katy and was quite disturbed when he began talking about his son. then i thought "he could be 45 and/or senial" and then it was okay again.

    7. Katy & Kaleena: most dumb people have kids.

    8. I realize that. I'm saying I didn't read Mickey as dumb. I read him as naive and innocent.

      Now I have no faith in the world.

    9. For the love of God, Katy. It's MIKEY, not MiCkey. For Pete's sake!

    10. Mikey has gotten stupider over the last six months.