Top Ten Search Referrals to One Year In Texas

By Bub
All of these referrals are written as reported through site meter lest you read #1 and think I was being racist.

10. Blago wacko
9. Choose your own adventure You Are A Monster
8. Where was the cancer that killed John Updike
7. Jeff Hunter in Hawaii radio
6. The Dog Monster Truck
5. geithner stupid china
4. Google UK - printer maintenance
3. Harry Herzog campaign contributions
2. porn anal Texas
1. Google Kuwait - JEFF KISS KELLY KELLY


  1. I searched for porn anal Texas (referring to large-assed porn star Alexis Texas).

  2. Oh yeah, Kaleena, don't read that.

  3. Ha! Well, apparently so did a Stanford University student through Saudi Arabic script. Hopefully he will have been turned onto comedy and away from the world of anal-porn in Texas.

  4. too late but i am pleased to say i am not surprised.


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