Good Morning from OYIT [Tues Feb. 10]

By Jake and Katy

I got an urgent phone call last night at 1:30 AM. Glenn was in the hospital. He fell down a flight of stairs while going to a library to check out Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky books. He needed me to write the Good Morning article. Like a flash of lightning bursting from the heavens I agreed to do it. I was ignited with the flames of overwhelming enthusiasm. The enthusiasm to write an article at the last minute. I was finally in Glenn's shoes, and while they were two sizes too small, they were still a comfortable fit.

As you can tell by the map above, today is going to be winding in middle America. These winds will be refreshing, as it's going to unseasonably hot. It's a good day to do some spring cleaning, but are you going to? Fuck no, of course you're not. You're going to break out the bong and get so high. You're going to sit around your house watching National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, and you're going to love it. Then you're going to get a $5 pizza from Little Caesar's. It's going to leave you unfulfilled. I would suggest you get some crust mix, tomato sauce and veggies and make your own. You can do it for $5 or under. You won't do that, because you're lazy. I'm sorry for being so hostile toward you, but are you ever going to grow up?

Today's Caviar of the Day

Russian Salmon Roe Keta Caviar Malossol. It's very orange and that's beautiful. I would eat this, I guess. I would be uncomfortable doing so, but I'm always up for a new experience. Guillermo Retchkiman writes:
The Red Caviar is very fresh and melts in my mouth in the way it is suposed to do. I don't know how they can improve the packing, the can came all slime.

It was send well packed (refrigeration) and it came on a timely manner.
If that doesn't get your mouth watering than not even a fire hose being sprayed directly in your face would.

Katy's Korner
"Hey Katy, how do you feel about Pride and Prejudice with zombies?"

I was asked this question out of the blue at 3AM when I returned from my break, but that part doesn't matter. What matters is my answer was "That's bloody fantastic!" But with less shouting, it was 3AM after all. Anyway, as it turns out, for the enjoyment of all Seth Grahame-Smith (the author of such gold as How to Survive a Horror Movie and Pardon My President), has taken Jane Austin's entire classic and added zombie mayhem to it.

Now, if you're anything like me you think zombies are completely lame and vampires trump them as fantasy creatures. Also, you like-me sorts (ahem, Sarah), can agree all these people taking Jane Austin's novels and writing sequels two centuries later is vomit-worthy. Nevertheless, because I've had the honor of chuckling occasionally through a Seth Grahame-Smith book plus the added misfortune of being forced to watch every Jane Austin book-turned-movie, I am waiting in ample glee until April 15, 2009 when I can finally experience Dr. Darcy being torn into bloody man-bits by an undead face-eater.

Today's Cartoon Character of the Day
Riff-Raff, the adorable junkyard living cat, is bestowed the honor of being today's cartoon character of the day. You may remember the cartoon Heathcliff, and you may remember that there was another cat who lived in a junkyard, but you wrack your brain and can't think of his name. His name is Riff-Raff and he is your new god. He was part of the second half of Heathcliff known as The Catillac Cats. This was the ongoing struggles of homeless cats dealing with the day-to-day hardships of poverty and homelessness. It was an allegorical cartoon that mirrored the economic troubles that hit so many of our nation's laziest members in the 1980s.

Riff-Raff lived in a portion of a passagner jumbo jet. His gang (Hector, Mungo, and Wordsworth) were shown to live in the red Cadillac that the gang was named after. Their arch enemy was Leroy, who was sometimes their ally. They had a love/hate relationship. They were very territorial when it came to the junkyard and would team up if outsiders came in. Cleo was Riff-Raff's girlfriend. She lived in a music store.

Before I send you on your merry way, Glenn has asked me to alert you that he will be hitting 1000 tweets tomorrow. Congrats Glenn and keep tweeting for the stars.

Lastly, I shall leave you with the Music Video of the Day
Here's a performance from the Grammys of "Swagger Like Us" featuring M.I.A., Kanye West, Jay-Z, T.I. and the 4-time Grammy winning Lil' Wayne.

Good morning and have a great day. Remember that I love you, in a non-Christian way.


  1. let's try this yet again. that video is hot - as is the fact i believe that's 'cold play' at the end. to be even more exact, i think chris martin is whispering "suicide pact in motion" to his fellow band-mate.

  2. I wish Cold Play would commit suicide. It'd be better than hearing them on every Jay-Z and Kanye album, and knowing that they exist.

  3. Cartoon of the Day was fantastic!!!

  4. It was an allegorical cartoon that mirrored the economic troubles that hit so many of our nation's laziest members in the 1980s.

    Very true and thank you for mentioning this.


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