Haikus [2-15-09]

By Jake

I say 'Hi' that's cool
You want me to rap up the
Week then let's Haiku

Suzie throws slushy
Enhanced with energy at
The Homecoming Queen

Mailbag is back
To give answers to questions
It was delightful

Rihanna v. Brown
Brown punches her in the face
They both miss Grammys

Heather Joy needs help
Many topics for thesis
Which one do you choose?

Hi Katy will help
The downtrodden and losers
Turn their lives around

Read the dream journal
Everybody loves hearing
About other's dreams

Real Jew News is
This weeks in racism's subject
What will be the next?

Mikey's for things
Such as hamburgers may be
Poisonous to him

Glenn asks the question
"Are you 45 years old?"
Many say they are

Dick Butkus is not
As hip as Howie Long on
Jake's show 'Long Shoreman'

Titanic starring
Jesus and Julie's love, yet
It is still tragic

Hagraves is back with
The education of the
one called skinny Tom

What if, instead of
Rebooting, Jason
Sang Karaoke?

Heather Joy just wants
To get her ass eaten on
St. Valentine's Day

Bub writes a love note
To his wife, yet still makes a
Sonny Bono joke

Katy gathers some
Missed connections to help out
Some unlucky fools


  1. Not my best week yet
    But I stand by Homecoming
    And This Week In Racism

    Also, Mary liked
    my Valentine's Day post, so
    I'll stand by that too

  2. pronounce racism in one syllable

  3. Ha!

    This week moved slowly
    Yet many great articles
    From the best writers

    (Sorry to those who didn't post this week, I needed a work for the last line.)


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