Overheard at the Mall

By Jake

  • "I would love the Dancehall Crashers if they weren't a ska band."

  • "Vice Versa and Like Father Like Son are totally different. I mean, come on dick!" (Said by 35 year old man to his son)

  • "I'm gonna eat so many fuckin' Maid Rite sandwiches!" (Said by a teen boy who was very hungry)

  • "No, Jason didn't kill anybody in Friday the 13th part 1, it was his mom. The reboot is revisionist history."

  • "They should make a Hungry Hungry Hippos video game, daddy." (Said by a child on his way into Game Stop)

  • "Fuck yeah I've heard the new Coldplay, I'm not stupid!"

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  1. the mall is a place of gems. i really like this series of articles by the way.


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