Good Morning From OYIT [Katy's First GM Edition]

By Katy

Good morning campers! I'm so afraid; living up to those who came before me is going to be difficult, verily impossible to do, but I'm ready for your criticisms and hate mail. But my inability to deliver comic gold like Glenn, Jake, and Bub isn't what's important here. What's important is that it's Friday, March 6, 2009, and I am finally going to see Murder By Death tonight. Oh yes, it's been a long time comin' friends, but I have the tickets, I am over 19, I know exactly where the venue is, I have the night off work, and I'm not planning to attend with any ex-boyfriends. NOTHING will stop me from rocking my socks off. Let's not talk about me though, let's talk about today.

Today's Weather

I realize it was a gutsy decision for my first weather map to be mildly nonsensical, but look how wonderful this map is! There's no need for spiked lines or green blobs or 15-shade color scales. In a few simple icons, you've got your temperature, sky conditions, wind direction AND mile per hour measurement. The US has nothing on UK weather maps. Plus, this little ditty offered the opportunity to make a joke about the black cloud over Northern Ireland, but I didn't think of one, and enough Catholics are nailing puppies to my door as it is.

Today's Recipe

Peach Cobbler

This is not your grandmother's peach cobbler, unless your grandmother hails from the South. Actually, this is Sarah's grandmother's peach cobbler. Sooo...sad. I blew that joke, too. Anyway...Southerns do not care for our crumbly topping and for once I am grateful for that! I had the pleasure of sampling this fine peach concoction just yesterday and couldn't hold back my need to share it with all of you!

1 cup flour
1 cup white, granulated sugar
1 cup milk
1 tsp baking powder
1 stick butter, melted
1 can peaches, mostly drained (if the peaches aren't drained, the cobbler will be runny)

I could copy and paste all the instructions on how to deliver such a treat, but I rather linked it above. You should visit Mama Sarah's blog for several of your recipe needs, where you can view several of the delectable goodies this aspiring and talented baker has to offer. (I recommend the mushroom potato mini muffins, especially if Sarah makes them. They're amazing.)

Today's Random Act of Violence
I don't know if you've been following this horrible story of the eleven-year-old boy shooting and killing his father's pregnant fiancee--but based solely on that description, shouldn't you? Allegedly, little Jordan Brown had taken his made-for-children 20-gauge shotgun, shot his to-be mommy, left the house with his seven-year-old to-be sister and went off to school.

Left at home with Kenzie Hauk (Jordan's no longer soon-to-be mommy) was her four-year-old daughter who found some landscapers and reported to them she believed her mother was dead. She was; along with the baby boy she was a month away from delivering.

I don't want to delve into the details too much here (other than the added bonus that Jordan's father's name is Chris Brown and he gave him the shotgun for a Christmas present) but instead wanted to focus on this. It's not really worth the quick read, but I read it anyway. The writer basically talks about violence and then suggests that maybe we should hit our kids, offers some Bible verses and then says maybe we shouldn't hit our kids. While I agree with their point about the community raising children, I really can't find a thesis in there.

Today's Pun

Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

Well it wasn't great, but there it was. Just know that with a crappy first try there comes room for improvement. I didn't want to blow your mind all in one day. Enjoy your Friday and go to see Watchmen! But don't go see Horsemen; Dennis Quaid doesn't deserve it. Love.


  1. Good pun. Also, I'd like to see Watchmen, but I doubt I will. At least not this weekend.

  2. Katy you did just fine. In fact your post made me forget who it was that started writing these in the first place.

  3. this was great and i would LOVE to go see 'watchmen' but i have to go get fitted for yet another bridesmaids dress instead. argh - though i love my friend!
    also, peach cobbler is awesome and a great recipe to add in your first GM article. i also did not know previously that the southerners were responsible for the NON-crumble topping that is,while delicious, just doesn't taste quite as bad for you. still and all around A!

  4. Thank you very much, Kal. I appreciate that fairy amazing assessment and I've never liked peach cobbler more than discovering crumble-less topping. Sarah rocks.

  5. This was great, except those wind markers on the weather map are in kilometers per hour and not miles. Otherwise, that would be a really windy day.

  6. I hope you finally got to see MBD! Also, fantastic weather map. Jesus saves but unfortunately he put his money in a Roth IRA and has taken a pretty big hit over the past few months due to the recession.


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