By Jake

A once unpopular feature here at OYIT was week in review haikus. This feature was so unpopular that my inbox was literally filled to the brim with hate emails urging me to stop. Well, I buckled faster than Carl Lewis in a seatbelt race. Yet, to make myself seem like I don't care what people say, even though I obviously do, I'm going to write some haikus anyway.

Jay Leno enters
His monologue always kills
Kevin Eubanks laughs

Every young girl loves
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
He IS Tiger Beat

I need to say this:
Rest in peace Pat Morita
You will be missed, sir

Mike Tyson bites ears
Sometimes a fan man enters
Controversial bouts

The Robinsons and
Dr. Smith, the stowaway
Are all Lost in Space

Milk milk lemonade
Let's go around the corner
That's where they make fudge

The Ninja Turtles
Live with their master, Splinter
Casey Jones hangs out

Let's play some Guess Who?
My guess is that it's Michael
Oh damn, it's Bernard

Grandmama is
The basketball player known
As Larry Johnson

If you have some subjects you'd like me to write a haiku on, please leave a comment. I can write them about anything, but have a hard time coming up with subjects on my own.


  1. aw, i'm going to miss mr.miyagi. and i missed these haikus!

  2. You're the only one that missed 'em.

  3. Only Kal commented on this but I still love these in spite of you all.


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