Spencer's Product Review: Jumbo Afro Wig

By Gary

The Hilarious Jumbo Afro Wig

One of Spencer's Gift top sellers in the "Humor and Fun" section of the website


Website Product information

Right on, Right on! Strut your funky stuff in this Jumbo Afro wig! Goes great with any gag costume. Available in black or brown.

This product is so dead-on funny that it will make people say, "Right on!" not once but twice. No longer be shy when attempting to strut your funky stuff.

  • It's comes in a wonderful array of colors (brown and black).

  • Its Jumbo.

  • It goes with any gag costume. It's a gag accessory to any gag outfit.
  • Perhaps, not jumbo enough?

  • Hard to make a choice with so many colors.

  • Guy in the picture is really goofy... Wig does not do all the work for you.

  • You have to buy a separate Afro wig for your non-gag costume.
All in all this is a fine product for a fine price: $14.95 (plus shipping). Jumbo is a very subjective word, and while I find the size of the afro to be at least adequate, some may find it to be not as jumbo as the product model's face leads one to believe.

3 out of 5 Right-ons


  1. That afro wig could be far more jumbo, in my opinion.

  2. I would be less ashamed of this product if I didn't own two separate Afro wigs at one dark point in my life.

  3. what happened to Movies Dane Cook Should Be In?

  4. i've always wanted an afro and am grateful to know it's possible in a chemical-free variety.

  5. I like how the guy in the picture is sticking his tongue out the way people with real afros do.


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