Life with Mikey [3-18-09]

By Mikey

Hey, I'm back once again to share my thoughts. I hope you can learn a little from me. If not, I hope you at least don't bash me in the comments. That hurts my feelings.

  • Curly fries? How about cheddar fries!

  • The sun coming in through my window in the morning. Timeless...

  • I had a wonderful Oscar night! =-)

  • I remember when Sugar Ray hit it big like it was yesterday. My wife said they were going to be huge. Boy was she on the money.

  • Never again will I buy a pair of Reebok shoes.

  • chili? Pass!

  • Sammy Sosa probably still has at least a good decade of baseball left in him.

  • I'm already on my third wallet of 2009. Good grief.

  • Outer space is overrated.

  • What is up with Facebook? Could it be uglier? I doubt it!

  • I went to the carnival last at the end of last summer. They were selling these things called deep fried Snickers. I didn't know they let mad scientists work at the carnival.

  • Is it just me or does my phone battery get weaker and weaker by the day?

  • Eating fish is basically gross. The whole dang process.

  • The only thing more frightening than a ghost is an angry boss.

  • The Garth Brooks and Chris Gaines story is like a modern day Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.

  • I hope when my kids go to college they don't download music illegally. Then again, who knows if the internet or music will still be around in even ten years?


  1. The fact that Mikey doesn't like new Facebook either makes me certain I'm on the right side of history.

  2. Oscars!? Way to be timely, Mikey!

  3. mikey, you make me want to put my head in the oven.


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