One Week in Entertainment [4-25-09]

By Jake

Kaleena and I decided to watch UFC last night and it got too late for Kal to do this article. I offered to do it for her and here we are.

Mel Gibson's girlfriend is Russian musician Oksana Grigorieva. Her Wikipedia page does not tell whether she believes the Holocaust happened.

Matthew McConaughey is not planning to wed anytime soon. Also he's not planning on being in a good movie.

Madonna got injured when the horse she was riding was spooked by the paparazzi.

You can all stop wondering, Tim Allen finds fatherhood easier the second time around.

The father of a girl in Slumdog Millionaire is not selling her.

Heidi Montag is planning on marrying her boyfriend Spencer Pratt. They eloped in Mexico, but want o make it official. I am a fan of Heidi, her twitter messages (tweets) make me laugh so loud.

Ashley Tisdale is going to start dating again. Time to start writing some sonnets, fellas.

Everybody is talking about Susan Boyle. I can't wait until they all shut the fuck up.

Fred Durst is engaged. You can here the 15 year old girls from 1998 weeping.

Michelle Trachtenberg is in the movie 17 Again.

Will Ferrell ate reindeer eyeballs while hanging out in northern Sweden's mountains. I bet that shit tasted weird.

When Jerry O'Connell was on Howard Stern this week he said that he understands shaking babies.

Pretty slow news week really. Everybody is up to their elbows in this Susan Boyle love fest. I'm waiting to see what shows that are "on the bubble" get picked up. I hope Better Off Ted makes it. It's a pretty funny show that gets better every week. Kal will be back next week and she actually reads the articles on instead of looking at the headlines.


  1. wow this is funny. and am i the only one who doesn't know who the f susan boyle is?

  2. I essentially don't. I know what she looks like. I guess I heard a clip of her singing on Stern this week. I don't give a f who she is, though.

  3. I like Michelle Trachtenburg but I still won't go see that movie.

  4. Me too. I did enough by watching Eurotrip.

  5. Wow Maddie. I'm even a fan of Susan Boyle on Facebook already!

    From Montag's wiki:
    "In an April 2008 interview, Montag said that she was a Republican and that she planned to vote for John McCain in the 2008 presidential election.[37] Although not registered to vote when making that statement, she said that this was because she had been too busy and that she planned to register soon."

  6. apparently nate's the only person who knows who susan boyle is. congrats to her on having a fan!
    didn't madonna already get injured while riding a horse in the past? this bitch needs to stick to adoption and stay off horses.

  7. Kal, you're thinking about Christopher Reeves.


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