And a Good Morning to You

By Jake

Welcome to another day of your life. Today is Cinco de Mayo, which is the day we celebrate the Mexican army's defeat of the French forces in the Battle of Puebla. Perhaps you will celebrate by getting drunk (just like every day of your life!).

This is today's amazingly bad wrestling video. It's Scott Steiner using a pogo stick, not as a weapon, but as a pogo stick. Is this entertainment? Yes, but in a different way than probably intended.

Here's a really cool flickr photoset of theoretical novelizations of popular movies. They look really cool. At one point I had some good movie novelizations that I bought from thrift stores (Superman 3, Terminator 2). I never read any because that would have been a waste of time. In fact, I would rather do just about anything than read the novelization of Superman 3.

I may have posted this before, but nobody probably watched it. And nobody will watch it this time, so I'll end up posting it again in a few months. Deal with it, assholes. This is Lykke Li covering Rick Ross' "Every Day I'm Hustling". I love a good hip hop cover and I love Lykke Li. It's a win win situation for me. What about you?

Okay, well that's what I got. I'm not going to sit here and discuss Supreme Court justices with you because I don't know about that shit. At the same time, Glenn isn't going to discuss music made after 1994. No matter how much Glenn refutes that he didn't listen to Blind Melon this week in the comments, and it may be true, just remember that it was in his top 3 most listened on for several weeks in a row. You decide what is more important: Supreme Court discussion or listening to music that isn't Blind Melon or Bright Eyes.



  1. you are the king of the good morning videos. and take a chance people - lykke li may be even BETTER than rick ross if that's at all possible (and i'm sure it is).

  2. Bright Eyes is better than that Ricki Rackman video you posted!

  3. I didn't post a Ricki Rackman video, numbskull!

  4. I know it was just a joke. Like when Mikey told us he laughed when the babies talk in Look Who's Talking.

  5. We all laughed at Look Who's Talking and you know it. Nobody laughed at Now Look Who's Talking, not even Mikey or Chris Burke.


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