Life With Mikey [5-4-09]

By Mikey

My wife started to snore last night. I couldn't believe after all this time sleeping with my wife she have never snored. So now I have to sleep with headphones on playing my old records from A-Z every night. I am already on Led Zeppelin after 3 days. Needless to say I haven't slept much.

  • Piracy isn't killing the movie industry lazy theater workers are to blame.

  • Have you tried that new Mountain Dew: Throwback? It's got real sugar and real sugar apparently means REALLY good flavor. I love the stuff.

  • Redbox is awesome. Rent a movie for a buck a night....yes please!

  • Al Franken: you're just not that funny.

  • Fishing is so relaxing.

  • I can't believe it's already almost halfway through 2009. It feels like just yesterday it was 2008. Not literally of course.

  • Why am I am so afraid of swimming pools at night.

  • Where's my government bailout for the declining interest my son takes in his toys.

  • When the babies said things in the movie Look Who's Talking I laughed very hard. I bet if I was drinking milk it would have come out of my nose. Thankfully I never touch the stuff.

  • Cobb County is in my top ten favorite counties.

  • The Cereal monsters were not very scary. Not to me, at least.

  • There's a lot of pirates around these days, but none are as intimidating as Captain Hook was in Peter Pan, even if he was afraid of crocodiles.

  • I misuse "player hater" more than any other phrase.

  • Chewabacca is the James Dean of outer space.

  • Even though baseball players chew tobacco it's still a pretty gross habit.


    1. Mikey, question marks go at the end of questions you fucking idiot.

    2. Milk is high in calcium you cad. You drink milkshakes but you won't have one w/o the shake...pathetic.

    3. the first thing i've agreed with mikey on thus far: tobacco is GROSS.

    4. mikey seems a bit chipper these days, especially taking into account his lack of sleep. which probably explains his lack of question marks.


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