Good Morning, New Mexico!

By Ingrid

Good morning from OYIT’s southwest contingent! Even though I don’t like being hot and I love the rain, I keep coming back to the desert, where it is always hot and never rainy. I am in Albuquerque, NM, staying in a hostel room so small that I can rest my feet on one wall and my head on the opposite wall at the same time. It smells like Vaseline and sex (not involving me), and there are plastic sheets on the bed in case I want to pee without getting up. Perfect!

It is hot as Hades here, but I am having a great day anyway because a) my good friend Sarah from Las Cruces drove all the way up here to meet me and b) we are going to see Neko Case tonight (er, last night) at the Sunshine Theater! How could a day involving my friend Sarah and my musical hero Neko Case be bad in any way?

Neko Case, “People Got a Lotta Nerve”

In honor of tonight's concert! During my brief stint as a canvasser for the Mexican Gray Wolf in NM (I ended up not saving the wolf at all and quit the canvassing in a fit of despair...), one of the issues we had was with ranchers who shot this endangered wolf species whenever they saw it lurking around their property. I don't like to say "fuck" very often, but...fuck them! Fuck those ranchers! "People Got a Lotta Nerve" deals with this issue in a much more eloquent way; in fact, Defenders of Wildlife has adopted it as their unofficial campaign song.

Johnny Cash Makes Beck Cry…Or Does He??

“Rowboat,” off of Beck’s bizarre 1994 debut Stereopathic Soulmanure, is one of my all-time favorite songs. Contrary to popular belief, Johnny Cash covered a few songs that weren’t NIN’s “Hurt” on his covers album, and “Rowboat” was one of them. I love the cover as much or more than the original. This short clip is from some freaky Scandinavian news show, but the beauty translates.

Friday Debate: are Beck’s tears real? I can’t tell.

Website of the Day

No, I’m not talking about the dumb website I made for last semester’s disastrous web development class, nor am I talking about my dumb personal blog that no one reads anymore. Today I’m setting aside my own vain self-interests to tell you about this site: 64 Words for Aung San Suu Kyi.

Suu, Burma's pro-democracy opposition leader, has been detained for 13 years simply for wanting basic human rights and free-ish conditions for her people. Recently she has been transferred to the notoriously inhumane Insein Prison because a crazy American who didn’t understand the fragility of the situation swam across the river and refused to leave, thus violating the terms of Suu's house arrest. Join the likes of insane fifth Beatle Yoko Ono and total hottie Matt Damon and leave your own tweet-like message of support for Suu. Trust me, she will appreciate your short but heartfelt message much more than if you broke into her house and got her in more trouble.

Have a great day, and please, please stop shooting the wolves!


  1. I have never shot a wolf, and thanks to this article I never will.

  2. this is great, thanks. People are working hard to stop anymore Mexican wolves being shot, including by the federal agencies, who, unfortunately, are the main shooters so far. Check out - beautiful pics and video and lots of info and ways to get involved.

  3. Haha at someone coming here because of a Google alert about Mexican wolves.

    Let's not blame that guy for getting Suu a longer prison sentence. The Burmese Junta are our generation's Khmer Rouge with less killing and will never lift restrictions on her.

  4. obviously no one is saying that the burmese gov't didn't cause the situation to begin with, but the idealistic swimmer who caused suu to unwittingly "violate the terms of house arrest" did not make things any better.

  5. I guess that's technically true, but I just feel it's really off base to blame this guy for somehow exacerbating Suu's condition. They could have stopped him from visiting her if they wanted to. I think they used it as a pretext to fuck with her more.

    I'm glad her unjust imprisonment getting more coverage now though.

  6. yes, they clearly just want an excuse to extend her imprisonment (which is almost up, isn't it??). but just because the root of the issue is much larger and more complex and resting squarely on the shoulders of the junta doesn't mean i can't shake my fist at this swimmer, who undeniably complicated things (even if he was just the fall guy). i just found out he is a retired military guy from missouri. missouri represent.

  7. Rowboat is my favorite Beck song! And while, I'd probably shoot those wolves too, it is good to see you taking up A.S.S. Kyi's cause. I read her books about Burma, Nepal and Bhutan when I was little (I didn't have much parental involvement as a child and in between committing crimes I'd read books at the library about children in other countries, wishing I was them). I remember a few years ago on NPR there was a story about a Burmese comedian who was imprisoned for poking fun at the junta. I also remember feeling sympathy for him, until they said he was the Burmese Robin Williams. Anyway, here is the link to Amnesty International Australia's action centre action on Kyi: http// Do it!

  8. That 'Do it!' was a command, not part of the web address.


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