Friday Afternoon [Post-Rap Edition]

By Glenn
Good afternoon. As you know, I like to bring the good morning column into the early afternoon on Fridays. Since Jake is out of town, I can do this without an impending sense of Catholic guilt. He won't even find out about it until Monday! There's been a lot going on Iran and the rest of the world this week and I wish I had covered it more thoroughly, but I was very busy pedaling tourists around the National Mall area of Washington DC.

Today's Post-Rap Video
We're all familiar with "rap music." It's a huge trend among young people right now and something I don't particularly enjoy. Back in the 90s, I had The Chronic on cassette, and later owned albums on CD by Kid Rock and Eminem. So I think I have a bit of street cred. What I like more now is the genre of music called "post-rap." This is to rap what post-rock is to rock or what post-punk is to punk. It's beyond. I'm not necessarily saying it's better, but it's the next step in musical evolution. Without further ado, here is today's post-rap video. This is HUGE in Italy right now, which is proof that Italy is ahead of the United States at least on the rap scene.

The other nice thing about Jake being gone is that he won't be back to shit on this for a few days! Jake hates post rap and evolution in general. He thinks that his grandparents are the human beings he eats dinner with every Thursday night, NOT the apes from Congo - as intelligent as some of them where.

Today's Job Tips

I had a conference call today about how to get a job. They covered what to put in your resume, how to write a good cover letter, and networking in the age of H1N1. Here are some tips:

  1. Do not list basic skills in your skill section, but rather things that the regular person wouldn't have. For example, "Limited typing ability" is not appropriate but "Intermediate post-rap skills" is.
  2. If you don't have a lot of job experience, list a great reference at the bottom of your one-page resume. Make sure it's someone who will know who you are though. I used to list Weird Al Yankovich as a reference, but when people called him he didn't know who I was so I looked foolish. Now I only list famous people that actually know me, such as Mike Love from the Beach Boys.
  3. You HAVE to network. Most jobs are not listed in the paper or on Craigslist. Take advantage of the people that you know. If you are looking for a job in Australia, talk to Bub. He's already there. If you're looking for a job in parody music, ask Weird Al. Don't know Weird Al? Neither do I, but that didn't stop me from listing him as a reference.

Good afternoon! I hope to be back to write about the situation in Iran soon.


  1. LOL. the only thing better than rap is post rap.

  2. i dress in the same outfit when I mow the lawn.

    also, i got my coca cola job from craigslist. they havent called me back since that one job though...

  3. "Post-rap" as Glenn chooses to call the Sugarhill Gang (who are the first rap group with a gold record) are old school rap. There is nothing new or fresh about them.


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