Sunday Mourning Service

By Gary

The Church of OyiT is the only true path to salvation.

I guess this is going to be a Christian-themed Good Mourning article.

New Internet Video Sensation
Kid's mom cancels his WoW account. Which results in a religious-like experience for him and the viewer.

Yes, he did make a lazy attempt to shove a TV remote up his ass.
No, there is no need for further discussion or explanation of this video. It makes me sad.

It's not cute and charming like the Chocolate Milk kid

From the Internet's Vaults


When you lost your virginity, the first time you fell in love, the death of a loved one, we all remember it vividly--and right up there in those important memories of live is the God Warrior. We all remember where we were when you first saw/heard about the God Warrior. I was glued to my TV screen watching with both fear and intrigue, not unlike; the day Princess Di died. I contemplated calling in sick to work for part two the following week.

Darren Brown--Leap Of fatih

Darren Brown is amazing. Here he is EASILY convincing people that he has supernatural religious powers. Watch as many of Darren Brown's shows and special as you can.
Darren Brown convinces some guy he's in the zombie apocalypse. WATCH THIS

"Music video" of the day

This song always makes me close my eyes and wave my hand over my head. Its better than Dylan and Arctic Monkeys COMBINED!

That's it for today's service. It's late and I have nothing of interest to say.
I will leave you with this. This is a video Nick, Allen, and I did for some dumb Sierra Mist youtube contest. We did it in like 2 hours, and I am slightly embarrassed by it, but Jake wants some original video stuff for OyiT, and my Jon and Kate plus 8 gossip vlog doesn't "cut the mustard", or so Jake says.

The idea is good but my acting and the filming is awful.


  1. Why is this post so screwed up I have tried to fix it. It was fine then I go get milk at the grocery store and now its all wonky.

  2. i left a comment, too, but it's not showing up! it shows up on the sidebar...

  3. i had to delete the original post and re-post it.

  4. well, thank god you got my original sentiments.

  5. I hate that fat woman so much. That god warrior. I HATE her.

  6. "slidekicks... Gar-guiles...its ungodly!"

  7. IT'S ALL SO DARKSIDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that video fills me with so much joy.

  8. gary you're a better actor than i'll ever be.

  9. ummmm... you know I'm the white guy. Allen is fantastic as a cell phone hustler

  10. That WoW kid is so conflicted on many levels. When he attempts to put the remote up his ass, I think he's acting out his confused gay fantasies. WoW is an environment he can control and be accepted in. His mother just took away the only stable part of his life!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. The good news is now he may begin to exist not simply live. Now that his identity and only driving force in his life was taken away from him--World of Warcraft. It is only through man's lonely despair, when one has nothing, that we can step away from what others say we are and what others want us to be, and we can arrive at what we truly Are.

    Godspeed WoW kid, Godspeed.

  13. Great post, Gary. I loved all of it, espcially that fat lady and your Sierra Mist commercial.

  14. Ditto! Also, I saw the commercial awhile ago after googling Nick Mielke. I watched that WoW kid so many times... Such beautiful rage. If only people were that passionate about important things...then they'd all be psychopaths!


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