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My dog broke my H key (kinda), so we will see how well this post will works.

You get a full double-dose of Gary today with two articles, so be sure to check out my "Dissecting: 50 Cent's Candy Shop" later today.

I am pretty excited. Yesterday I went to my adviser for Kirkwood, and after getting all my classes straighten out for this fall's semester I have just 2 electives left and one math class, then I have my Associates. WOOO!

It only took me 6 years plus for my two year degree. After all the BS with my horrible mom not faxing things and not taking care of her taxes, giving up my health care , living in 7 different places in 6 different cities/towns, working 30-60 hours a week since I was 18, having to ride my bike 30 miles 5 days a week to class at 6 am for en entire semester ( I can't wait to tell my grand kids that story), and all the other one has any idea how much this degree crappy liberal arts degree means to me. I can't wait to finally go to University of Iowa in 2010!

Enough about me. This blog is not about my happiness..its about YOU.

TV Shows You Should Watch

Whitest Kids u' Know

This show is really good. It has its not so great moments, but when its good it probably one of my favorite sketch shows.

Video Games To Play


This video pretty much sums up the entire game. I am about 7 hours into it and its one of the funnest game I have played. There's nothing like stealthing behind an old couple eating the old women thus, becoming her, grabbing her husband, running up the Empire State Building with him, leaping off and throwing him at a tank, and follow it up with an atomic elbow to said tank. If that doesn't sound like the best thing ever, then you don't like fun and will never find happiness in life ever.

-Ghostbusters: The Video Game

I beat this nine hour game within 40 hours of it releasing in stores (note: that's with a full 8 hours of sleep). Whether that is a testament to how good the game is, or how big of loser I am.. I will leave it up to you to decide.

It's a movie game that doesn't suck. It's based on a great movie, and its penned by Dan and Harold themselves and was viewed by them as an official sequel to the movies. The game play is fun with some annoying bugs and overly frustratingly difficult parts, the story is almost movie quality, and the graphics are near perfect. I loved this game despite its shortness and bugs. Rent it for sure.

-LocoRoco 2

This game is one of the most bizarre games I have played. Its a really good game too. I picked this up at Target for 2.98 (I love Target Clearance). It's simple yet challenging and easy to pick up and play and it is addicting. The enemies seem to have a little bit of a racist undertone. They are red-lipped black blogs with deadlocked like "hair", and they make skat music at you.

News of the Day

Brooke Greenberg is a 16 year old girl that looks like a baby and has the brain of a toddler. I can kind of relate since I am a 24 year old with the brain of 12 year old and the body of a 14 year old.

The Learning Channel will have an hour special about her on August 9th and I am sure Jake will have a full review of the show that night for those you who miss it.

Music Video Of The Day

Brace's my first non-hip-hop video of the day...EVER...and two at that! It's a live video for Murder City Devils performing "18 wheels" a song about leaving your true love to pursue your dream to become a rockstar. It features such great lines as;
"drinking when I should be sleeping, sleeping when I should be waking up"
"thinking of you up and down I-5 more often than a serial killer..."

I was lucky enough to see them once when I was 16 before they broke up in 2001. They have reunited on several occasions recently, and I hope they do a national tour. Since I am 24 now and, even though I almost never drink, I want to get as smashed as humanly possible and loudly sing along while they rock the fuck out, and I embarrass myself.

Video TWO

Flaming Lips featuring StarDeath and White Dwarfs covering Madonna's "Borderline". I love the Flaming Lips and this newish song has given me new faith in the them after their awful last album.



  1. i just spent a good 15 mins googling brooke greenberg. hooooooooooly shit.
    it makes me so sad that there are people out there like the young cons. like, how did writing that song go down?
    "i’m reppin jesus christ and conservative views.."
    "yeah, bro, that's sick!"

  2. The conservative rap song is the funniest/most depressing/worst rap I've ever seen.

  3. The Cons look exactly like what I would think a shitty conservative rap duo would look like.

  4. I really hate the fact that there's a picture of a child rubbing up against my blog.

  5. The one good thing about that rap is that it can make you appreciate good rapping and good beats.

  6. Whoa is this way better then the new cons

  7. I've been lucky enough to see the least funny portions of Whitest Kids.

  8. Gary did you write this before MJ died? You must have. You posted a video about him in memorial before he died. Also, kudos on your degree. I know what it feels like to take a long time to go to college.

  9. Glenn-
    thanks for the kudos


    Yes I am being interviewed by LAPD as we speak for the this post. They are also interviewing my former spiritual adviser about me being interviewed by the LAPD on fox right now.


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