GM: Business as Usual

By Jake

After an awesome weekend in Macomb/Timewell/Mount Sterling and a fun wedding, I'm finally back in Hammond, IN to wither up and die. I'm just being hard on Hammond because I absolutely hate it and have no friends here. Plus it's mostly ugly and the air smells like sulfur a lot of the time. Macomb is in slow motion compared to Hammond. Instead of the normal GM post, I'm going to post pictures from my weekend. This is what my photoblog would look like if I had one.

I am going to refrain from posting pictures of people, but I will talk about them. This is a picture of a flower across the street from where Kaleena's parents live. The day before I took this photo we drove up to Macomb and went to a bachelorette party. This was the first, and probably last, one I attended. It wasn't as outrageous as a bachelor party (at least the one portrayed in the film Bachelor Party). It was ladies drinking wine and smoking cigarettes mostly, but it was fun and I got to experience it firsthand.

After we hung out at Kal's parents' house for a while we went and picked up Emily, the bride-to-be, to give her a ride to the wedding rehearsal. Kaleena was the maid of honor. We went into Emily's house and all of a sudden the weather went bonkers. This is a picture of the storm clouds.

Holy shit! We drove past this vehicle that had been blown over on our way to the rehearsal. It was pretty crazy. We also saw an uprooted tree and some power lines had been taken down by the wind so we had to go a different way. The roads were covered in debris, but luckily our car didn't flip over like this one.

This is where we stayed. It's a hotel called the Irish House and it's in a town of less than 2,000 people. It's a really nice hotel and fairly inexpensive for how nice it is, plus they have HBO so you can watch True Blood or whatever the fuck is on that channel.

This is the winery where the reception was held. It was really nice and the wine was great. Kaleena was pretty drunk and danced her ass off. I danced one song with her. I would have done more, but she was having fun dancing with ladies (mostly!).

This is the awesome view from the lower deck of the winery. It makes me hate Hammond so much.

That's basically what I have, plus some pictures I took while riding home, but those are mostly of trees and I will post them as the picture of the day in future GM posts. Sorry this post didn't have a comedic edge and is like a slide show. Doesn't matter, because the picture of the overturned vehicle is pretty sweet.


  1. thank you for the pictures jake! i'm glad you're back.

  2. that one with the overturned car is---wow, it's like the wizard of oz or something.

  3. Jake why are you so down on Hammond? I hear they have one of nation's larges bapist congragations.

  4. If you moved to San Diego, you could always have a beautiful view like that. Or Detroit.

  5. "Kaleena was pretty drunk and danced her ass off."

    Sounds like a good epitaph to me!


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