Good Mourninish

By Gary

Well here I am writing the Good Mourning article a tad bit late. I got to caught up playing Prototype to write it last night. But as Cheech said to the docking guy when the ghost Titanic arrived to New York in Ghostbusters II--"Better late than never!"

Today's News

A women unknowingly threw away a mattress containing one million dollars in Israel. I can feel her pain as I once donated a pair of pants to Goodwill that I am almost sure had half a bag of Reece's pieces in the back pocket. My heard sank when I realized this as I was driving away from the Item Drop Off Zone, so my heart goes out to this women. I trust that everyone at OYiT prays for her.

I leave it up to Glenn to make a non-sequitur political joke about the Israeli-Palestine conflict and this poor women.

Picture that I love But Don't Understand of the Day

I think this picture needs little to no explanation. But I'll explain anyway. It appears to be a picture made on MS Paint of Carl Winslow of Family Matter's fame as Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame. Urkel is Krang/Carl's giant mechanical body. Shredder should have been Richie from Family Matters! That is the only thing I don't understand about this picture. Shredder is going to push the brown button and turn the green screen--brown. The only possible and logical thing would to have it been Richie...

-"Sorry Carl I pressed the brown button!"

Wrestling Video of the Day

Here's one of those things that I actually like in Pro-wrestling. I make no attempt to hide my love for Golddust. It is such a crazy gimmick...But Dustin Rhodes played it well. Razor Ramon a ladykillin' smooth talking Puerto Rican vs a quiet gay cross dressing film buff...i'm in.

Music Video of the day

I really like Naturally 7 and this on of my favorite video.

I love the mixture of excitement and complete terror on the on-lookers faces.



  1. thank you for this gary!! and that subway vid is gr8. i love singing "in the air tonight" in public places too.

  2. Dear Gary,

    I haven't formally thanked you for participating in OYIT, so I should now. I love everything you write and look forward to the next contribution. Don't be shy.

  3. No one in Palestine would have a million dollars in a mattress because there is no functional economy in the occupied territories.

  4. That Krang picture is great. Gr8 job Gary!

  5. bummer about the israeli mattress!
    in case any of you are planning on surprising me with a new mattress (which i could really use), i've horded $3.49 in nickels and pennies in there. i'm saving up for a sandwich, so please let me know before you put it in the dumpster!

    good good morning, gary!

  6. Ingrid, I have a twin bed, boxspring, and frame for sale for cheap. NAME YOUR PRICE. You'd need to pick it up.

  7. twin bed? what am i, 14? this is where the magic (insomnia, tossing and turning)happens! i need plenty of room!

    if i get desperate enough, though, i will let you know. you think you'll still have it in early august when i come back to columbia??

  8. Quit turning my awesome GM post into you two's personal craigslist.

  9. I love that picture of Carl Winslow as Krang.


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