I Hate Mondays: Wednesday Edition


Well I am back after fixing some internet and personal issues.......

I can't promise huge amounts of articles for a while, because Marvel vs Capcom 2 comes to Xbox Arcade today, and I will be more than a little busy with that.

Even if you are not a fan or even if you've never played the game, watch these video of Champion player Yipes talk mad shit. It's ultra-combo finish funny.

Well I had some crazy stuff happened to me over the last 3 weeks or so. The biggest/best was getting to hangout with Bub. We had a heated debate about Micheal Jackson's official place in American culture. We went to a hipster dance thing and Bub picked up girl's for me by talking to them and introducing me as "his sexy good friend". James, Bub, Kevin, and I drank a lot of cheap volka, ice house, and pbr (dollar pints..the only good thing at that dance fest). He regaled us with his stories from down under.

We found this crazy African immigrant who told us he left his country to help build houses after Katerina and then moved here to help with the flood and how he had two degrees in business and psychology. Needless to say he was full of shit, and we ran away from him when he stopped at a gas station to use the bathroom.

Enough about me this was never about me its always about you...WHAT YOU WANT!

James Ross look a like of The Day

I was watching SNL this last Saturday...yes I was that bored, and saw that James had joined Kelly C.'s band on guitar. This is for the 3-4 people on here who know who James Ross is

Watch more Saturday Night Live videos on AOL Video

Its crazy how much it looks exactly like him..so crazy I had to share.

Wrestling video of the Day

Razor Ramon on Jerry Springer

Turns out the "bad guy" is really just a sweet good guy. Good for him for visiting this married 10 year old with AIDS. Although, I am confused when Jerry mentions casually that they had a wedding for them on the show the year before. I wonder if it was a real wedding or in the way single quirky 20-somethings or single depressed 50 somethings have "weddings" for their dogs and/or cats.

Too bad Scott Hall has so many drug and alcohol problems :( this clip does convey the better stuff he is know for--intelligence, a kind heart, and being humble. That is not a joke.

Music Video of the Day

Micheal Jackson-- "2000 Watts"

I know most of you hate me for putting up another Jackson song, but this song is less known and really strange. M.J is singing in a more "normal" R&B way and the song's pretty catchy, and dare a say even a little a head of its time when it was released in 2001. I think it could be a hit maybe not now but 06 or 07 for sure.

That is all....freshmen.


  1. That was riveting, Gary, and for the record... I have zero complaints with you giving us a little MJ to start our day.

  2. no complaints about MJ from me either. his voice is so deep in that song!! i don't know who james ross is, but i chuckled out loud just watching the guitar player and thinking if i knew someone who looked like him.

  3. Why in the hell is Razor in his wrestling attire? I would imagine him wearing jeans or something more casual on a talk show with two 10 years with AIDS.

    I remember Tyler's big Wrestlemania match against Shawn Michaels in a ladder match.

  4. I do look like that. I would do exactly everything he did.


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