20 Things I Would Rather Do Than See The Time Traveler's Wife

By Jake

The Time Traveler's Wife is a major motion picture about a love that transcends time. It also looks so sweet that I go into a diabetic coma just watching the trailer. It's based off of a book, which reading is something I'd rather not do than see the film. Check out the trailer if you're unsure of what this film may be:

1. Go to a poetry jam

2. Watch every episode of F Troop in non-sequential order

3. Get a tattoo of Harriet Tubman reading an issue of Cracked Magazine that parodies Batman Forever.

4. Listen to a Neil Diamond album.

5. Sit in a hot car with the windows rolled up for half an hour in front of the public library.

6. Speak like Elmer Fudd for an entire day.

7. Sing Sugar Ray songs at a bar during karaoke night.

8. Wear Axe Body spray.

9. Get my teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist with the shakes.

10. Watch the first season of Coach with audio commentary turned on.

11. See an Eddie Izard one man show live.

12. Watch a baseball game.

13. Go on a run.

14. Eat nothing but Burger King's veggie burgers for dinner every night for a week.

15. Watch David Blaine perform magic tricks.

16. Eat Lucky Charms cereal.

17. See XXX and XXX 2: State of the Union back-to-back in IMAX 3D.

18. Take an origami class.

19. Wear a bow tie.

20. See G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra.


  1. sweet - so does this mean if i brought home tickets to 'the time traveler's wife' the night of the poetry jam at the gallery, you'd be HAPPY to go to the poetry jam? or just not as annoyed.

  2. jake, this is gr8. but i love burger king's veggie burgers!!! i wouldn't be able to handle every night of the week though.

  3. I'm going to do all of these things today AND see TTW. I love time traveling and I love marriage!

  4. damn it I wanted to do a TTW related article!

  5. "20 Things I will Do Before Seeing TTW"


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