TGIM (Thank Goodness It's Monday)

By Jake

Yes, it's Monday once again, thank goodness. The weekend was fun; I grilled out, had a rootbeer float, watched Observe & Report finally (loved it), watched too many episodes of Night Court, worked on some music and applied to be a baker. I'd love to be a baker. Kaleena was busy not wanting to do jury duty today. I don't blame her, but at least she's getting paid and might get to see an arsonist in person.

This thing looks pretty weird, huh? I have no idea what it is, but it was in somebody's garden nearby. It looks like an alien's scrotum to me, but almost everything does.

God damn, Steve Urkel is one of the most annoying TV characters of all time. Here he is playing the cousin of DJ Tanner's black friend. I didn't know she had a black friend, but that just shows you how little I watch Full House now. This is part of the TGIF lovefest that OYIT is striving to become known for.

Kate Miller Update:
Still no word from Kate Miller. I'm starting to worry about her. She could just be doing some overly complicated, magnificent yoyo trick, but she may also have been kidnapped/murdered. Hopefully it's just a sweet trick. We love you, Kate.


  1. kate, stop being a b*tch and answer jake, jesus christ!

    i want to see observe and report. i also want to be called in for jury duty. i've dreamed about being on a jury for a muder case as long as i can remember.

  2. That's a really beautiful picture. Observe and Report was more disturbing than seeing Urkel on Full House.

  3. I am a huge Steve Urkel sympathizer. I think we need to have our debate about whether steve is annoying or really a misunderstood sweetheart.

    Speaking of dreaming last night I had a dream I was at work and for some reason we were watching fox news and their was a special report about how president elect John Lithgow was going to making his first public speech. Everyone was confused at how he got elected in the middle of the summer and why we elected John Lithgow.

  4. That dream could be a major motion picture. Or "major" since it would star Lithgow.


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