Friday Morning

By Jake

It's Friday, which means that this week is finally over. I'm not saying that it was a particularly bad week, but it was a pretty boring week. If you were a shark then it was probably a good week for you, but everybody knows that sharks don't like reading, therefore you're probably not one.

peeling paint
This is some peeling paint from my garage. This is, in fact, the second picture I posted of my garage this week. I guess it was about time to show my garage some love and not just fill it with rocks and the old dining room table there was no room for inside.

This is the opening to the smash hit television cartoon Camp Candy, which was based off of John Candy's life as a camp counselor. This is the Arabic version of the song, though. I didn't know that John Candy was so big that they needed to translate his biographical cartoon into other languages (besides Spanish and French, of course).

Pocahaunted is one of my favorite bands. They're dubby drone music made by two ladies that (at least in this video) look like they got dressed during a Double Dare physical challenge where they had to put on as much clothes as possible in 30 seconds. That may be a slight exaggeration, but they are dressed very sloppy. There are some other dudes with them. I think they generally play all of the instruments on their albums.

A Kate Miller of ProYo fame update: I have not heard from Kate Miller, but I still love her.


  1. DOUBLE DARE!!!!!!!!! i want to watch that right now.

    i say from now on every post on oyit mentions kate miller is some way. we NEED to hear from her and get an update on her life. KATE, ARE YOU READING THIS???

  2. I won't be happy until Kate Miller is writing a Good Morning article once a week and debating me on whether payphones need to be more prevalent.

  3. Hey Kate Miller, you SUCK! Come defend yourself.

    That garage reminds me of the place where I grew up.

  4. jake why isn't your name on the authors sidebar?

  5. I fixed it. Now when Kate Miller visits OYIT she will be able to read all of my articles just by clicking my name.

  6. i can't wait until kate miller has her own name on the authors sidebar.


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