Thursday is For Lovers

By Jake

It's Thursday, which is like a Friday for college students (even if they have class on Friday). I don't understand it and when I was in college I treated only Fridays as if they were Fridays. Call me old fashioned if you must, but my GPA was 3.5. I also didn't really have friends at college so I read books in the basement of our building. It really is a toss-up as to which path is the correct one.

broken window with tree reflection
This is a picture of the broken window on my garage. I honestly don't know why there even is a window on the garage. It doesn't open (not that it needs to since it's broken) and nobody lives in there, nor would they want to. Still, it makes for a good picture, in my opinion.

This is a kid's guide to being cool hosted by Malcom Jamal Warner. It's sort of like All That minus the laughs. This is possibly the best video I've ever posted on OYIT. Plus, it's informative. Win-win.

Enter the Yo-Zone. My favorite member of ProYo is Kate Miller. She knows how to deliver a joke and can sling a yo-yo better than a man (this is self-proclaimed, but who am I to dispute?). This video made me very thankful that the 90s are over. If you're nostalgic for the "simpler times" of the 1990s, just remember: in the 90s cool people wore fanny packs and neon clothes. Now only flamboyant homosexuals and 50 year old men do.

All kidding aside, if Kate Miller happens to Google herself and comes across this article, don't hesitate to email us. We'd love to hear from you.


  1. i don't have very many friends in college either, jake. i didn't have ANY friends in high school, which may have had something to do with the fact that everyone - and i mean, EVERYONE - at my all-girls high school wore north face fanny packs. i didn't get it then and i sure don't get it now.

    i'm pretty sure kate miller has a google alert on herslef, so she'll definitely see this. HI KATE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kate Miller is my only celebrity crush.

  3. kate miller is kinda hot!

  4. Kate Miller-

    Also if you happened to have a sex tape of any sorts (we don't judge)feel free to post it for tomorrow's GM article

  5. she's all right. She's no Judith miller though.

    Maybe a good idea to increase controversy would be to write articles for marginally (VERY MARGINALLY) famous people and see if they come to comment after getting the Google alert for themselves. Someone I know wrote a diatribe about Linda Ellerbe (from Nick News W5 and things like that) and she came to his blog and started battling with him. It was actually supremely hilarious.

  6. Kate Miller holds the world record for sleeping her yoyo at 8 and a half minutes. I spent 40 minutes reading about her on the internet after I wrote this article.


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