Life With Mikey [9-14-09]

By Mikey

People talk a lot of "smack" about the Harlem Globetrotters because their games are fixed. Yet they rescued the castaways from Gilligan's Island. That's pretty heroic if you ask me.

I find the Munsters more terrifying than any of the Saw sequels.

I could eat about four pieces of chocolate cake right now.

Mr. Magoo is pretty inspirational.

Home Alone still holds up as one of the funniest movies about burglary.

Whatever became of Young MC?

If they made a Teen Wolf movie about fishing I'd go see it.

Pineapples taste great, but if you're not careful handling them you could get seriously injured.

While not very stylish, Captain Lou Albano's look at least came in handy any time he needed a rubberband.

People dressed like buffoons in the 80s.

Elizabeth Berkley's post-Saved by the Bell career is pretty depressing.

Tim Curry ruined Clue: The Movie for me.

Don't ever mention the McRib around me.

I rented Kramer vs. Kramer the other day and it was not as funny as I expected.


  1. If they made a Teen Wolf about fishing I'd kill myself!

  2. How is Mr. Magoo inspirational????

    This is one of the best Mikey columns ever written. I can't tell if he gets dumber every week or we get more intolerant.

  3. "Don't ever mention the McRib around me."

    i laughed out loud. and i love home alone too!

  4. Glad to know Mikey admires Captain Lou Albano's sense of style.


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