Cheers and Jeers with Mikey [10/15/09]

By Mikey

I hope you enjoy this list of thing I like and dislike. Please leave a comment, especially if you agree with me on any of these subjects.


  • Zebras
    -You just can't go wrong with stripes.

  • The blue liquid combs are kept in at a barber shop
    -One of the bluest liquids I have ever seen. I'm not sure what it does, but I'm sure it's important.

  • Mr. Magoo
    -A timeless and courageous cartoon character. The way he overcame his handicap was very inspirational and hilarious.


  • Male nudity in movies
    -Disgusting and obscene.

  • Chess
    -Too much planning for a game with no dice.

  • Talking in songs
    -Just sing, that what music is all about.


  1. i don't agree with you on any of these subjects, but i'm leaving a comment anyway.

  2. Why are you always giving props to Mr. Magoo?

  3. I guess I'd agree with Mikey on zebras. A zebra never did any wrong by me.

  4. How do you feel about female nudity in movies, Mikey? Does your wife let you watch movies with female nudity?

    Have you ever played the dice game "Three Man"?

    Porter Wagoner, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, Conway Twitty and many many more music icons talk in their songs. And what about instrumentals, Mikey? No one sings in those songs.

    You really should put more thought into this new series, Michael.

    (Full disclosure: I accidentally typed Twitter instead of Twitty.)

  5. I think that blue liquid is for killing lice. Think of it as a beautiful blue execution chamber for tiny bugs.


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