Should I Fly or Drive: Redux

By Keelin

Believe it or not, Glenn and I are not related. However, this fact does not inhibit our respective mothers from behaving exactly alike.

Exhibit A: Hot on the heels of last week’s debate on holiday travel, my mother wrote me the following email regarding a possible DC-Seattle drive (note: Mother is not an OYIT reader, so this is purely coincidence!)

Thursday October 15, 2009:


Keep in mind that December is a tough time of year to drive cross country. No matter what route you take there will be a lot snow in the mountains. Also, we will be happy to pay for your airfare.



Now, my initial reaction to this message was: Oh moooooooooooooom! My secondary reaction was: But there is no snow in the south. In fact, it’s still warm there! My tertiary reaction was complete indifference. I went with that one.

Still, I was upset! As a woman of 43 years of age, I expect Moms everywhere to respect my independence and let me drive into snow-filled mountains whenever I feel like it. But then I remembered the immortal words of rapper, actor, auteur, and would-be-Scientologist Will Smith: parents just don’t understand! (Fun Fact! Despite its wholesome chorus, this song features a 12-year-old prostitute.)


  1. I love this. It is a universal concern of mothers that we fly instead of drive when we visit them. My question, did 9-11 involve planes or cars? Did the Lockerbie bombing involve planes or cars? When Sue and Mary can answer this, then we will agree to fly.

  2. oh, moms! have any of us NOT had this exact debate with out mothers? moms hate cross-country driving, which is silly because everyone knows you are statistically more likely to die in a fiery plane crash than in a car.


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